UnderCover Waitress: Tell Your Story!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tell Your Story!

I made a new contact recently. She is currently waitressing and collecting stories and experiences about what it is like to work in the restaurant industry. She would like to include anonymous quotes and stories from those of us who toil in food service. And she wants to hear from you!

As I do on this blog when people write to Ask the Waitress!, this lady will keep your personal information confidential and anonymous. When you write to her to share your experiences, she will need you to give her some information upfront so she knows you are real, but it will never be published or shared.

Please write to Jess Miller at jess@debt.com if you would like to share your experiences with what it is like to work in restuarants.

* Have you been promised monies or benefits that you never received?
* Is the tip sharing arrangement in your restaurant fair and legal?
* Can you get time off when you need it?
* Have you ever been harassed?

And anything else you think is pertinent.

Best to all!


Please share your thoughts.