UnderCover Waitress: How Not To Carry A Tray

Thursday, May 22, 2014

How Not To Carry A Tray

Quite a while back I answered a serious and important question: How do you carry a tray? To the uninitiated, it must seem like magic. We must have invisible wires holding up those huge, incredibly heavy trays full of dishes piled high, or drinks full to brim. Spill the drink, say goodbye to your tip.

Those of us who are "initiated' and well-versed in manuevering full trays around the dining room with the grace of ballet dancers would sincerely prefer to have a system of pulleys, wires, anything to make our jobs easier.

This video is a lot of fun; it shows customer reactions just before getting spilled on. I would love to get to play this waiter.

Customers may wonder what tricks we have up our sleeves; we have none. However, I recently found this picture on Friki.net. The site seems to have a number of creative inventions. Not sure if this would make carrying drink trays any easier, but it is still an interesting idea.


You may have already seen some of the following short collection on YouTube, but really, you just can't see them enough. We may be professionals, but nobody should be trying this anywhere.




  1. I remember the spilled beer on Chancellor Merkel!

    1. Based solely upon the clip, the Chancellor handled it with grace, no?

  2. That tray is an awesome idea! I did the tray-carrying thing when I was young and I'm not sure I ever mastered it. It shouldn't have to be that hard in this modern age.


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