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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shoes for Waitresses (and Waiters, too!)

Everybody knows I am a huge fan of Dansko professional clogs. However, different veteran food servers have their own footwear preferences. I recently was asked by a rookie for recommendations for lightweight shoes with non-slip soles.

It would be awesome if readers would take a moment to post a comment with their favorite shoes for restaurant work. Then we would have a database of the best waitressing and waitering shoes on the market today. Thanks so much!!!


  1. My son orders his from some catalog they have at the restaurant. I'm not sure what company it is....

    1. Might be shoes for crews? Asking your employer if they have a company they like to order from may be a great way to find the right type of shoe.

  2. Safetrax shoes are available at K-mart. Good non-slip and sometimes on sale too. Buy one get one half off.

  3. Sketchers Works. Stylish, non-slip, light and comfortable.

  4. Google shoes for crews, by far the best shoes hands down

  5. Shoes are one of those things that I've learned never be too thrifty about, I have found. $20 shoes from payless = foot pain and new shoes again in 6 months or less. Pay for a good pair and they'll last much longer and your feet, back, whole body, will feel better. Definitely an investment, rather than an expense, if you know what I mean.

    Best clogs for the working joe/jane I've found so far: http://getoofootrelief.com/
    Designed for people that work on their feet. Love 'em.

    The gal who sells them is a surgeon, so she knows a thing or two about long shifts. Highly recommended.

  6. Dansko may not be the least expensive, however I was told a long time ago the always take care of your feet and teeth? Seems sounds. You know when a company is GREAT when the stand behind their product, which they did. The company that sell them to you may not, but DANSKO does, did, and will. I bought two more pairs from another vendor, I love, love, love DANSKO shoes. You work hard and deserve to have good shoes for your money makers, plus not heal blisters, that's worth any price.

  7. Been a waiter for 15+ years and about 4 years ago a friend told me about blundstones.... hands down the best slip on boot ever! super light stylish and slip resistant. .. I wear them whether I'm working or not

  8. Blundstones will change your life.... look them up and pay the money.... you'll never buy anything else

  9. You can get more options from Clogs And Shoes. Depending on your budget and your style. :)


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