UnderCover Waitress: Mommy, What is Hooters?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mommy, What is Hooters?

I just found an awesome website, Girls Can't What?  with a highly relevant post that may have been written in 2007, but sadly is still newsworthy.

"Mommy, What is Hooters?" is a short anecdote about (obviously) trying to explain to a young girl about soft porn masquerading as the restaurant industry.

I keep track as best I can of how and why people find Under Cover Waitress on a place as large and easy to get lost in as the internet. I have to admit that it pains me to see that my biggest draws are articles about Hooters, such as Hooters Girl Requirements. Usually it seems that people are trying to get hired, and some of the comments are as sexist and ridiculous as the worst Hooters patron.

When I discuss things such as the requirement to entertain while dressed in little more than a bikini, it is with sadness, derision, and anger. Sure, I've been called uptight, b*tch, even frigid because of my political and feminist viewpoints. I find it amusing, really, because those who know me in person must get accustomed to my loud and frequent laugh, well-developed sense of humor and love for good fun, good company, and good food.

May we empower our daughters to rise above and be better than many factions of society would approve. Society has extremely poor judgement.  


  1. I had a problem with Collin because of Hooters years ago. He was able to read very early and liked to show off that fact. A Hooters opened in an area mall, and they advertised it by hanging a banner on the wall at the top of the up escalator. There was a woman ahead of us on the escalator. Collin looked up and called out, "Hooters!" When she turned around, he appeared to be looking at her.

    We went to lunch and he and I had a talk about "Hooters."

    1. ROFL! Parenting is fun and rather humbling... :)

  2. Unfortunately there's no shortage of creeps and cretins in the world who feel the need to ogle, paw, and demean.

  3. Typical feminazi liberal viewpoint. Just because you don't like it, it should be banned. I'm sooo sick of people telling me how to think and being "outraged" that a place like this exists. So much for free thought. I don't eat there or go to strip clubs, but far be it from me to tell other people what they should think or do. You libtards and neocons all make me want to vomit!


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