UnderCover Waitress: How to Keep Track of Your Tips

Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to Keep Track of Your Tips

Hey everyone. I am on the road at the moment and will be able to do more comparisons of state laws regarding tip outs when I return in a few weeks.

I was recently published on the H&R Block Blog: How to Keep Track of Your Tips for Tax Purposes.  Head on over there for an informative read. :-)

Best to all and I will be writing again soon! 


  1. I have a story that's right up your alley. My son worked for IHOP for seven years (two different restaurants) . He liked being a server and liked most of his co-workers, but there were issues. At the first IHOP, he was doing well until I posted a blog about an attempted robbery at the first restaurant that I've heard the boss did not report to the corporate offices. He was busted down to busser shortly after I refused to remove my blog post. He moved to IHOP #2. It was a long commute by bus (90 minutes to an hour), but he was rarely late and almost never called in sick. Some days, if he was kept late, he'd have to take a cab home,,,but he was there. I've lost track of how many times he had to stay late or work an extra day because a co-worker was in jail or rehab. The night manager at the first restaurant (at the time of the botched robbery) had been in prison for accessory to murder--and was sent back to prison on a parole violation shortly thereafter. The assistant manager at the second restaurant brags about being "a good liar." Not someone I'd let out of my sight with my credit card.

    Most people leave their jobs there without notice. Some still get hired back. But when Collin left, he gave two weeks' notice. Two days before the two weeks were up, there was a scheduling conflict. He had to be at his new job on a Sunday--and he was also scheduled for IHOP. He called the GM to let her know. She told him he'd have to find his own replacement. He couldn't, but he still had to be on his new job. When he arrived at IHOP on Monday, he found she'd taken him off the schedule, but hadn't bothered to tell him He picked up his paycheck and came home.

    After six months, he decided he missed being a server. hHe knew several people had left IHOP and called the GM to see if he could get back on there. She told him she'd check the schedule and get back to him. He went out there to see her last Friday. She told him to come back on Sunday to meet with her and the assistant manager. He went, and she said she'd let him know what she decided today. She did. She told him she wouldn't hire him back because of his no-show that Sunday . Instead of telling him from the start that she wouldn't rehire him, she strung him on for weeks. How's that for immature and unprofessional?


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