UnderCover Waitress: Titled Kilt Deleted Scene

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Titled Kilt Deleted Scene

Well, well, well, look what showed up in my news feed after I posted Under Cover Analyzed yesterday. In Under Cover Analyzed, I wrote my impressions after watching Tilted Kilt on Undercover Boss.

This deleted scene exemplifies something I said yesterday: that Kaliane is the victim of mixed messages, and as a young women being encouraged to flaunt her sexuality and her body to make money, she had no way of knowing exactly where Rob Lynch would draw his imaginary line. Here is the deleted scene in which we watch Lynch and Shayna, the "good" waitress:

So, it is appropriate for Shayna to shake her boobs, tell Lynch to raise his skirt, and advise Lynch on how she shows off her body. But the best indicator of Lynch's hypocrisy is Shayna making verbal jokes as she instructs him to shake a mixed drink: she says he knows how to use his hands because he is a man. This does not make Lynch uncomfortable.

Kaliane, on the other hand, is reprimanded for telling jokes and suggesting her customers try a Pink Nipple, which is the name of a drink. This makes Lynch uncomfortable. I fail to see the difference.

It seems quite obvious why this scene was deleted. It blurs the line Lynch wanted to draw for the broadcast of Undercover Boss. We see the good waitress, Shayna, displaying similar money-making techniques as the bad waitress, Kaliane. In context, Kaliane didn't do anything wrong. Please do not misunderstand me: I think the entire Tilted Kilt operation should be shut down for preying upon young women. Given that, it is hard to fault Kaliane for playing the role of sex toy when that is exactly what she was hired to do. Even harder to fault Kaliane when we watch Shayna playing sex toy and not being faulted for it. Nay, on the broadcast show Lynch lauded Shayna for how great a worker she was.

Simply put: Rob Lynch is a hypocrite. The episode of Undercover Boss was crafted to make it look like some behavior is okay and other behavior is not. The show was nothing more than a spun sham, and this deleted scene proves that.

Read all of my reactions to the broadcast episode in Under Cover Analyzed. 


  1. Ha! I need to find this episode. Funny how reality shows are so edited and staged- hard to trust what you see

  2. There is a little difference between making religious jokes and telling a guy to bring it out to them and show his muscles a little bit. Plus it wasn't done directly in front of the customers. Totally different IMO.

  3. Her jokes were completely inappropriate... I would never ever think of telling either joke in my work place let alone to a paying customer! She needs to learn some class for sure. What's the difference between jelly and jam? You can't jelly your d**k in your girlfriends a**! Seriously? Ugh.

  4. I am hard-pressed to argue with the point that Kaliane's jokes were worse than Shayna's jokes -- they were worse. I still think that the scene was deleted because it makes the "line we do not cross" less clear. As tasteless as Kaliane's behavior was, I wonder if she raked in the tips many nights as a result of her classless behavior. Would love the opportunity to interview TK servers & former servers to get their take on it.

  5. the drink is a pink pussycat. i assume she left off "cat" from her other language. "nipple" wouldnt have been censored.

  6. I worked with shayna.... Complete skank. And the name of the drink is pink pus*y. They all act like sluts, and it's embarrassing! We use to have a guy come in and pay girls to watch videos of him playing with himself on his phone. The managers only care about sales, and do not care they are selling themselves. I saw grown married men, having affairs with some of the servers. Who are fresh out of high school. It's disgusting, and it's all rigged. I don't know why In the world he would think shayna deserves $20,000 ! This show is stupid and fake, just like the calendar. I quit that place before it could suck me into its nastiness!

  7. Just now watching the episode. (Yes, I know I'm WAY behind)
    If Kaliane was my waitress, I'd be playing along with her, but that's my personality.
    I think the customer reaction was the bad part. She just needs to read the customer better before telling the x-rated jokes. The reaction after the first joke should have told her not to tell the second joke.

  8. I think the entire Tilted Kilt operation should be shut down for preying upon young women.

    How is it doing that? They're not stripping or turning tricks. I agree with you that they were wrong about Kaliane - I didn't find her jokes inappropriate, or her drink suggestion, and she was adorable. I just don't agree with your assessment quoted above.

    What I thought kind of lame was that they reward a few hardworking employees but I suppose we assume the rest don't deserve anything? It seems like it would be better to just pay all their employees better and to offer something that provide those educational trusts to anyone - maybe matching dollar for dollar what the employee could put it. A higher wage would have made it unnecessary for that cook to work two jobs and see so little of his family.

    1. I agree about only rewarding the so called " Lucky" ones who made the show. I'm sure there are many other workers in the same situation as they are or worse.
      As far as the Cook goes, they just don't pay cooks in Pub style restaurants as opposed to more upscale restaurants.
      I also agree about the way the girls dress and act . They are given a nice Bra and white shirt but wear them like their at Sturgis. I think they were meant to be tied lower than some of the girls wear them and unbutton their blouses as low as they want.
      The CEO said he wouldn't mind if one of his girls worked there . One of them does, but in the Main Office . I think him saying that was totally a lie .

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  10. I think its different because Shayna was just making playful jokes to the other employees, while Kaliane was making offensive jokes and comments to customers.

  11. You overlooked the point of her force feeding the drink to the customer. That is what is being referred to. Trying to make the customers chug, etc. To handsy, which is what was wrong.

  12. For anyone who EVER thought this show was reality (despite the giveaways a real boss would never THINK of) - Kaliane is a friggin model.. for playboy no less! Just google Kaliane Murphy.

  13. I forgot to mention - she models for Playboy under the name: Kali Murphy. I find it very hard to believe she actually works for tilted kilt.

  14. you deliberately left out the stuff where she made a customer uncomfortable with her joke and when she was pouring drinks into people's mouths. they obviously make money off the visual aspect of the servers and their playfulness, but they don't condone playing with the customers or saying inappropriate things. you do realize that the joke was about jamming a dick in someone's ass, right? it goes: what's the difference between jam and jelly? you can't jelly a dick in someone's ass. even the customer said it was inappropriate and she kept going. the ceo even specifies that it was her immaturity he had a problem with, not her flaunting her sexuality.

  15. Shayna ran into some hard times with an arrest in Georgia. Hard to believe much on the show, let alone that this CEO wants a "family atmosphere" with the Tilted Kilt.


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