UnderCover Waitress: Camping

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I love camping -- in the woods. Camping in a restaurant is another thing... 

As much as I may agree with this hilarious video, it is also worth noting that waitresses and waiters who rush their diners are behaving in an unprofessional manner and giving bad service. As a customer, if I get rushed, I don't return.

Perfection: allow diners to enjoy their meal. Give them time to finish their wine and to peruse the dessert menu. When they are truly finished, expect them to pay and exit, not spread out their sleeping bags and build a campfire.


  1. Hehe, nice vid. I completely agree it is inappropriate to rush customers. If they are paying quite a bit to eat, I think it's fair to let them sit and enjoy themselves without me artificially hurrying them along. Plus I want their return business.
    I think most servers get this, but the problem is, usually the cheapest tables are the worst campers.

    1. Welcome, Rogue Wino. In smaller towns, I have seen known "campers" get told their desired tables (for example, booth section) was full of reservations when it wasn't... we just didn't want them to set up camp for the night.

      Re: your handle, I think knowing wine sales and service is one of the best ways for waitresses and waiters to improve their income earning potential.

    2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've been reading you for a few months but I was afraid to comment at first because there was a certain crazed ranch monster on the loose :P
      As far as wine goes, yes, I started learning about wine initially to boost my tips; After a few years of study I ended up getting promoted to wine manager at my job. It's my favorite part of waiting tables now, chatting with tables about wine- I get to be a total dork for a minute, instead of just an overly cheerful server person.

  2. I think we need a code, like Winters2 Farm Dressing, so we can talk without attracting her attention... I used to find her amusing, but when she started attacking my non-restaurant, online buddies I drew a line in the sand and banned her.

  3. My son has been a server for several years now, and from what he tells me, Rogue Wino is absolutely right.

  4. A certain crazed ranch monster? Very apropos!

  5. Haha, as a former waitress, I can really relate. But it does lead to an interesting idea for a new business...;)


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