UnderCover Waitress: Victory for Workers at Del Posto Restaurant

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Victory for Workers at Del Posto Restaurant

Received a "heads-up" from ROC United.

The Wall Street Journal reports that after a two year battle, 31 workers at Del Posto Restaurant have won a $1.15 million settlement. The suit alleged:

  • Management helped themselves to monies from the tip pool;
  • Employees who worked banquets received a flat rate, not an hourly rate;
  • Employees who worked banquets were denied tip monies that were paid to the restaurant;

Celebrity owner Mario Batali has denied the allegations; however, he has agreed to work with ROC United to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the management and the workers in his restaurant. He is quoted as saying he wants his restaurant to be a "high road employer." High road employers use ethical employment practices that give workers the chance to make a good living for themselves. I say, kudos!

Among the improvements that will be put in place at Del Posto Restaurant:

  • Expansion of paid sick days policies;
  • A promotions policy;
  • Cultural sensitivity training for management;
  • Expansion of paid vacation policies, and more. 
So, who wants Italian for dinner?

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