UnderCover Waitress: How To Send Back Food In A Restaurant

Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Send Back Food In A Restaurant

This is cute and funny!

Lots of heavy stuff going on right now with lawsuits; I think a good laugh keeps us healthy.

There is a new series on YouTube by C2It. Episode One is titled "How to Send Back Food in a Restaurant Without Pi$$ing Off Your Server." Heh.

If you enjoyed that, you should know that there are new episodes from C2It every Monday... which pretty much means I am posting old news, I guess... 'cuz a new episode may be going up now...   so go check it out.



  1. Dang, wish Youtube weren't blocked at work. I once had to send a steak back 3 times. The first was cooked well done and I request medium to medium rare. The second came out rare (cold in the middle still). When it came out well done again, it was time to leave the restaurant and get back to work. The manager comped my meal and apologized.

    1. It is good that you got your meal comped!!! That is egregious, but I am certain that you were perfectly appropriate and polite about it. When you watch the video later (since work blocked it) :-(
      you'll see that this guy is reminding customers to be polite. He does it in such a way, though, that it is really funny.

    2. I actually felt embarrassed for the manager. They probably had a new cook they were trying to train, not sure. It happens. :)

  2. Thanks for the laugh!

    I've never had to send food back...


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