UnderCover Waitress: Darden Health Insurance and Other News Tidbits

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Darden Health Insurance and Other News Tidbits

Direct quote from Seeking Alpha
"Corporations alter their health-insurance provisions. A major change is underfoot in the way firms provide employee health coverage: Instead of offering insurance, Sears (SHLD) and Darden Restaurants (DRI) are preparing to give workers cash and let them choose coverage from an online marketplace. WellPoint (WLP), AON (AON) and Towers Watson (TW) are placing bets on the new model, while UnitedHealth (UNH) is taking a wait-and-see approach." [emphasis mine.] 

That is all I have so far. My question is whether this new health insurance "plan" will be offered to all employees, or only those who are not hourly. In other words, does this affect waitresses and waiters? Time will tell, and I will be watching.

Of course, if the voters in the United States of America keep Obama in office for another four years, and give him some fair-minded Congressmen to work with, everybody may have access to health insurance soon enough, regardless.


Other tidbits:

A waitress in London who was considered an "exceptional employee" was fired from a McDonald's recently for so-called "gross misconduct." She added too many chocolate sprinkles to a McFlurry. I don't think those things are really made of chocolate... the gross mishandling of the faux chocolate sprinkles jar was for the benefit of a co-worker. While the co-worker was paying for the dessert, the fired waitress was accused of stealing food in the form of a few extra chocolate sprinkles. Yeah, it starts with chocolate sprinkles, and ends with embezzlement. Sheesh.


My most sincere apologies to Canada. It seems you are being infected with American bad taste, and the Tilted Kilt now has a Toronto location. I am so sorry.


Funny rant at CafeMom: If You Can't Leave A Decent Tip, Stay Home And Cook Your Own Damn Food.


And in closing, kudos to Lisa Ferreira, waitress at a 99 Restaurant in Milford. She performed CPR on a customer, a retired nun, and saved the woman's life. Perhaps her tip includes a place in heaven.


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  2. Considering the barbarian at the gate that could outdo Atilla at bad manners that is presently the mayor of Toronto, I'm really not surprised that this place would turn up there.

    Good for Lisa!

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