UnderCover Waitress: And Labor Rises

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And Labor Rises

The voice in this anonymous reader's comments to Darden Lawsuit Links has the tone of the downtrodden rising. She describes in detail some of the egregious abuses that the least powerful Darden employees were subjected to at the dirty hands of corporate and management. And yet, what sit-down restaurant can operate without a waitress?

I am copying and pasting her own words verbatim. Of course, they remain at the bottom of the blog post on which they were first published.


Thanks a million as well. I was named in a lawsuit going back a few months ago, one employee had the balls to stand up and found a great attorney in Boca Raton. I might be able to pass the details of this attorney in a later blog. I was put on the witness list to testify for the employee, myself and others should it have gone to full blown court. Yes, it's true we worked off the clock, and at times not allowed to clock in until it got busy. If you did clock in they handed you a rag and made you wash the walls, with hazardous products.

I always also asked to get up on a ladder and get as high as I could to wash the walls. I refused to get up on the ladder. Sometimes we waited hours to get a table, off the clock, while others were getting tables. We were asked to sometimes go to the food prep areas and weigh and bag pasta, although not being allowed not to clock in as a food prep person who was making more than 10.00 per hour, so for example if it were a Sunday and you were at 40 hours that week and they needed you badly, you still had to do the food prep, again like weighing and bagging pasta, brocolli, that normally is given to a trained prep person again making more that 10.00 per hour=unpaid proper wage and no proper overtime. Another example of the unpaid wage is being an alley coordinator sometimes amounting to more that 7 or 8 hours during the week, while you are a server, with no compensation. 

The employee who went alone, did win the case. As with the tip reporting, by not being clocked in this grossly hurt servers with no tips to report, and let Darden not pay payroll taxes as owed to the IRS. Another problem is more hours were given to certain servers because they elected to be in the company's share holding. If you were in this program, you had to retain a certain amount of hours, thus you were guarenteed hours while others were not,,, How does that make tip reporting fair game??????????? So, you came to work on a dead day, as scheduled, waited for a table, clocked in and went to go back to do food prep, they said it was part of the servers job, when asked why I couldn't clocked in as a food prep person, you were frowned down to and either co-erced or imtimidated thus creating a hostile environment at times.

I will be calling in the morning I live in South Florida. The slave game is over Darden, own up to your dignity statement. We were not there to shine your walls with the rags you gave us and Murphy's oil soap which stinks to high heaven. Remember I did put a call into EEOC, and then corporate called me and told me " they were here to help me". I believed that statement just like I have a 747 aircraft for sale for 50 bucks all you have to do is come get it.

The pos system does not let you clock out if you want to declare more tips, you have to get a manager's approval, guess they are afraid we are going to mess up.

Anyone out there who stayed knows that we were there for our "guest". We made friends with our guests, they gave us business cards sometimes asking if we would like to visit their business. The church guests always gave us cards, that G.D, was thinking of us, sometimes I carried those cards in my pocket to remind me what the guest was trying to tell me all along, these guests are prominent people who come down from Atlanta for conferences and are powerful people, they have personally invited me to many meetings, see that is how a good server makes a guest connection. On any given day I could tell my company where a guest was visiting from, what cruise they were going on, what ports of call, what airline they arrived on the details go on and on. Some details are so personal that I wish to keep it that way for the guests confided in me.

There is a universal law called the power of attraction and I think that law finally caught up, plus all you have to do is google law. It is based on the old testament and eye for an eye. I believe there are many servers who are owed back pay, myself as well. We were too afraid to come forward for a long time.

Hi, continue from previous post. I had to omit some of the post due to going over the 4,000 limit on characters. I also wanted to let you know that I make every effort to proof read and if there is typo's I do apologize as I try to blog in a manner that is coherent and cohesive for all.

The "spokesperson" for Darden is not a server, therefore not representing us, and again trying to intimidate the servers. This lawsuit is not a farce, not fictious, nor frivolous. I am more than prepared to send a statement to the Sun Sentinel. If anything I strongly urge the servers current and those who left to come forward and at least have the opportunity to speak the truth.

Corporations by law, by law must answer and adhere to the shareholders first, or face criminal penalties by the trade commission. This is where we "employees get used and abused" and they face a catch 22.

If I get involved in this lawsuit, I might not be able to speak with anyone or blog about it. If I see the spokesperson again, tell such lies, I will be writing and sending some strong letters out there. This lawsuit is serious enough to have the Federal law involved, so please Darden please don't keep saying this is unfound or not heard of. Perhaps you need to look up the word in the dictionary called mediate, come to terms and come to the truth.

Also Darden, I don't believe this was the vision of the original founder of these restaurants. We will not tolerate to be slaves anymore, Lincoln freed the slaves and my ancestors were freed many years ago in Egypt.

I think in the long run, all the employees ask for is Dignity, treat them like normal people and stop the unethical practices, from what I hear your employees and thousands, have lost respect, hope and faith working for you.


That was beautiful. She clearly spelled out the outrageous and illegal behavior and expectations of Darden managment and corporate, and also described the very real Catch-22 that so many waitresses find themselves in: bend over and take it or lose your job. 

This is the voice of the restaurant laborer rising up. Shout it from the mountaintop: Waitresses deserve fair pay, job descriptions, and to be treated with basic human decency while on the job! 


  1. Well said! Don't be afraid to tell THE TRUTH ! It take one to start a wave, and one wave can bring a tsunami!!! Let it be known to all the acts of heartless profiteering comited by this "Wal-Mart" of restaurants! -ez bro

  2. Indentured servitude. That's what it comes across as.


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