UnderCover Waitress: Tilted Kilt Gets it Wrong Again and Offends Real Celts and the Catholic Church

Friday, August 3, 2012

Tilted Kilt Gets it Wrong Again and Offends Real Celts and the Catholic Church

Tilted Kilt screws up again, and I am guilty of schadenfreude. Heh.

Tilted Kilt is headquartered in Arizona. They like to claim that they are "founded in Las Vegas, but rooted "deep in the rousing tradition of Scottish, Irish and English Pubs." They are getting a rude shock about just how off the mark they are.

Waitresses at the franchise are called "Kilt Girls," similar to "Hooters Girls" but actually wearing less clothing. Calling them "girls" is sinister; men patronize the business to play peek-a-boo at the bodies of grown women. Calling them "girls" either robs them of their maturity and station in life, or attracts pedophiles. I expect it is the former.

Modern Scottish Highland Dancer
Anybody familiar with the cultures in Scotland and most of Ireland (Southern Ireland) knows that these areas are populated by good, G-d fearing and lust fearing devout Catholics. Catholic Ireland had a lovely tradition of sending girls who "distracted" boys to the laundries. (If you have seen "The Magdelene Sisters" then you know of what I speak. Survivors say the only thing that was not accurate about the movie was the amount of talking. The laundry women were required to remain silent.)

People who besmirch Muslim women wearing burkas and hijabs seem to not notice the habits that Catholic sisters wear. While Vatican II saw some orders of nuns trading in the habit for basic, ugly, cheap polyester clothes, many orders and sisters still choose to wear the modest habit. I think the hijab would be more comfortable than some of the head gear I see on these women. (Anybody old enough to remember "They Flying Nun?" Anyone could fly with wings for head gear.)

Enough; I am not really attempting to disparage the Catholic Church. Rather, I am disparaging the stupidity of a business that uses female body parts as a marketing gimmick and aligns itself with Celtic, Catholic culture at the same time. The marketing chimps missed out on this one.

This day was bound to come. According to the Boston Business Journal, Catholic Boston is speaking out against the Tilted Kilt, and regardless of the separation of church and state they do get to have a say.

Any business that sells alcohol in Boston, Massachusetts must get the approval of any school or church within 500 feet of it's location. Richard Cannon, the pastor at St. John the Baptist Church, says that he was never contacted about the Tilted Kilt, and he does not want them near where his congregation comes to pray.

Tilted Kilt is attempting to move into a location that was formerly an Outback Steakhouse. Catholics do not find Outback Steakhouse offensive because the servers are fully clothed, don't pretend to interested in sexual flirtation with patrons and don't answer questions about what underwear they are wearing.

Also according to the Boston Business Journal, Cannon

"...reportedly denounced the establishment in a church bulletin as "not conducive to good family neighborhoods." Cannon protested a city licensing process that sent the proposed Tilted Kilt outpost up for state approval, without his say-so.

Sounds like they tried to bypass him, but he noticed. Good for Canon. And for the record, there is no such things as "Irish Nachos." Just ask anyone from Ireland. 


  1. Irish nachos???

    Maybe covered in beer instead of cheese?

  2. America America, We the people, are taking for granted our rights as Americans, all for Immorality and Monetary Greed. This is far from 'family' orientated. This is not what we should pride ourselves on, yet we do with denial. Our privilege for this amendment is one that has been abused too much. It contradicts our freedoms, which if we look closely at the bigger picture, our freedom's are too free. We need to cut back, we are setting the thinking habits and behaviors of our generations to believe that women are a marketing tool/objects... not only that, but the psychological statement this makes to predators, sex addicts, sodomists, exhibitionists etc is that society is accepting them by rewarding them with these titillating food-chains. Weither it's preexisting perverts or men who don't have moral integrity... somewhere, the line needs to be drawn.

  3. get the stick out of your ass, us kilt girls are awesome.

  4. Well, tourists should really learn the culture of the place before they could even insult it. This post just made me realize that if you follow a culture, you must be really careful. Thanks.


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