UnderCover Waitress: Still Voting for Romney?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Still Voting for Romney?

In spite of the weather, the Republican Convention seems to now be in full swing. As are the attacks on Obama's biggest achievement so far: health care reform fashioned directly after Governor Romney's health care for the state of Massachusetts! Not that Mitt wants to talk about that aspect of thing.

Today, however, I'd like to discuss another issue that the GOP does not want to talk about: all of the people who have been hurt by Romney's business tactics, the people that are currently being hurt by Romney's business tactics, and the people who will be hurt by Romney's economic policies if he and Ryan are elected come November.

Most people here in the fifty states earn an income by working. They either work for somebody else in return for pay, or start their own business. The only way any business survives is if customers with money to spend choose to purchase goods and services from the business. Period.

Romney, however, makes his money in a different way. His income is largely investment income. Lots of companies "go public;" in other words, they offer stocks at a price to people who can afford to purchase them. Ideally, the stock price goes up after you buy, and if you are a some combination of lucky and smart (mostly lucky,) you sell just before the stock price starts going down.

There are also ways to earn interest on investment income. The interest rates, to the best of my knowledge, are quite a bit better than the interest rate on your savings account. To put it mildly.

I'm sure, if you have been following politics at all lately, you have heard about Bain Capital. Mitt Romney made much of his fortune with Bain Capital. Bain, a corporation, purchases businesses (that are most likely not making a good profit.) Bain, a person in the eyes of SCOTUS, implements cost-cutting measures and possibly raises prices of the goods being manufactured by the company. When the profits are up, Bain then sells the company and turns a profit for Bain.

Sound awesome?

One of the biggest cost-cutting measures available for businesses today is shutting down American operations and out-sourcing to nations with lower wages and not all of those pesky labor laws and regulations. You know, the laws that prevent employers from forcing 12 year olds to work 14 hour days. The laws that require employers to pay for work-related injuries, instead of just firing your crippled arse. Heck, some companies in China have sleeping quarters for employees because going home takes too much time. They are so much more efficient than us!

Meanwhile, back in the United States of America, these are the voices of those who are losing their jobs thanks to Mitt's especially cut-throat value system, a value system that believes that anything that makes money for Mitt must be good:

If you wait tables for a living, you might wonder how this affects you. After all, try as he might, Mitt Romney can't outsource your job to China. And he would upset the racist "America for Americans" (you know, the white, Christian, English-speaking Americans) types if he brought Chinese laborers here to wait your tables for you, and send you home. So, you are safe, right?

No, you are not, unless you are waiting tables on the Koch Brothers. (And then, only if they tip.) If you are waiting tables at let's say 99% of the restaurants in this country, you need customers who can afford to both eat out and to tip. Without those diners, your restaurant will close and you will join the outsourced laborers in the bread lines.

If we say "No" to fundamentalist and rampant, unregulated Capitalism, then we may avoid a second French Revolution. We need to levy additional taxes on companies that outsource, not less (or no) taxes. By creating incentives for companies to stay, not go, we keep existing jobs here, and down the line create new ones.

The more money that stays here, the more money available to go around. The GM worker can afford to take his family out for dinner. He can also afford, thank goodness, to tip. The restaurant made a profit that night, and the waitress was able to get a new pair of shoes that she needs because she is on her feet all day. The shoe dealer in her town needed the sale. The shoe dealer did not default on her mortgage... etc.

If you are convinced that the only way you will ever get rich is to give tax breaks to millionaires so that, someday, you won't have to pay taxes, then I expect that you will use that last dollar in your pocket to buy a lottery ticket. Good luck.

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  1. Romney is so far out of touch with the way most people live, and he's completely oblivious to that fact. Mind you, the entire Republican party has gone that way, bowing completely to the far right fringe of the party. The moderates have given up.

    I still can't believe how far the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Eisenhower has fallen. It might well take getting beaten at the polling booths, and beaten badly, to save them.

  2. I agree. The leaders of the GOP and Joe and Jane blow Republican (that is to say, moderates with what used to be considered conservative values) often have different ways of looking at life and dealing with life.

    Unfortunately, if Joe and Jane choose to vote via party loyalty, our society down here in the states will continue to crumble.


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