UnderCover Waitress: Newt Cares About Women

Friday, August 31, 2012

Newt Cares About Women

Stacy Morrison on BlogHer published an interesting quote from Newt Gringrich in What Women Need, The GOP Can Deliver. 

Gingrich cited what he believes are the three reasons American women need Mitt Romney in the White House: economy, healthcare and energy. "Look, I think women are first of all most concerned about the economy and jobs. And they’re concerned about the future, about the ability of their children to GET a job. Second, I think they’re concerned about a healthcare system that doesn’t cut them off from their doctor and doesn’t dictate whether they can get a mammograms or whether or not they can get the appropriate treatments. And third, I think they know that energy independence -- producing enough fuel both to create manufacturing jobs and to lower the prices of gasoline and heating oil -- makes their lives both safer and better."

Let's pick Newt's direct quote apart.

Economy / Healthcare / Energy


I thank Newt for acknowledging my need for access to healthcare above my waist. He mentions mammograms and "appropriate" treatments.

The GOP does not cut women off from doctors. They just insist that women who see the doctor are financially better off than most Americans so that they can actually afford skyrocketing health care costs. When Newt discusses making mammograms and "appropriate" treatment accessible, make no mistake that he means he won't be picketing doctor's offices that offer mammograms and "appropriate" treatment. That way, if you can afford medical care, you can get a mammogram because Newt doesn't think the government should dictate whether you can get a mammogram or any other form of treatment that the government deems "appropriate."

Below the waist, however, is another matter. If a women needs birth control or an abortion, good luck. The mostly-male led government isn't comfortable with things that happen "down there," unless they are being entertained with what is "down there." (Don't get me started on women who think they can dictate to other women what is an "appropriate" medical treatment.)


Newt is concerned about women's concern that their children be able to get a job someday. Because that is what women do -- make children "down there." Male children, who will need a job someday.

I was amused that Newt's handlers got him out of there before listeners who may actually take him seriously were able to ask questions. What about working women today? What about women who made children "down there" but have to work full-time and might like to be able to afford time with her children? Nobody got a chance to ask him if women who made children "down there" should also be forced to choose between "the dignity of work" or starvation?


You don't have to have a vagina to be concerned about energy. We all are concerned about energy, not just soccer moms who have to buy gas to shuttle the kids around.

While Newt acknowledges my concern about energy, I am not comfortable with the subtle message as to how the GOP intends to address this concern. Lowering the price of gas and heating oil doesn't address other forms of energy, such as wind. And creating manufacturing jobs (I assume he meant creating jobs here in the states) seems to indicate that he would like to join Sarah Palin in her "Drill, baby, drill" ecstasy.

I am not so foolish as to think my car can run on wind energy; however, I would have greatly appreciated the opportunity to listen to questions and answers given by Newt on exactly what he was alluding to.

Well, I guess I'll go get that mammogram while Obama is still president and I can afford it. And buy lemons. In the Renaissance period in England, women would insert lemon peels into their vaginas as a form of birth control. (I'm serious.) The peel was a sort of diaphragm and the acidity in the lemon juice helped kill sperm. Remember that when you vote. 


  1. I read the other day that the Romney platform would, among many other things, cut funding for a program that helps poor women get mammograms. So in the World According to Romney, if you're poor and you're at risk of breast cancer, well, that's just too bad for you.

    As for Fig Newtons giving a damn about women... well, he sent one of his top staff to help out the Todd Akin campaign. That's how much he cares about the rights of women.

    1. Toward the end of Romney's extremely fluffy speech last night, he said he would protect the freedom of religion, sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage. In other words, birth control isn't covered, if your employer doesn't want it covered, no abortions, and no gay marriage.

      But rich women can still get above the waist "women-stuff" medical care.


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