UnderCover Waitress: When The Gamble Pays Off

Saturday, July 14, 2012

When The Gamble Pays Off

The story of the dying man whose last wish was to leave a random waitress a $500 tip has gone viral. The first lucky recipient was working at a pizza joint.

Mashable reports that strangers raised as much as $10,000 to made this dying man's wish come true, which seems to indicate that there will be nineteen more lucky waitresses.

It is an all-around, feel good, warm and fuzzy story. I just can't resist raining on the parade, just a little, and pointing out that it would be wonderful if people tipped well in general, instead of waiting for somebody to die to do so. Heh.

Okay, go back to feeling warm and fuzzy. And enjoy your weekends!


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    1. lol -- yes, but it is a bit like winning the lottery. Not gon'na happen.


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