UnderCover Waitress: Darden Bought Yard House Restaurants

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Darden Bought Yard House Restaurants

Yard House Restaurants is a chain located in various states across the country, with clusters in Southern California and Coastal Florida. Yard House was founded by Steele Platt and the very first location opened in December of 1996. You can read Platt's entertaining history at Our Founder on the Yard House Restaurants website.

Yard House features classic rock music, multiple draft beers and a relatively diverse menu. They have charity fundraisers on a regular basis, and there is no mention on the website of using female body parts to boost sales. By jove, I think the waitresses may actually be fully clothed. I like the place already.

Unfortunately, this post is not so much about Yard House, but about Darden Restaurants. Yes, Darden is the same organization that just demoted a bunch of servers to server assistants based upon a top-secret algorithm that includes a personality test with seemingly irrelevant questions. The price tag for the all-cash transaction is $585 million. 

It seems that Mr. Platt's riches to rags to riches story may end with riches.

Clarence Otis, the CEO of Darden, was quoted in the Las Vegas Review Journal:

"With this addition, Darden's Specialty Restaurant Group will have nearly $1 billion in annual sales."

I guess Otis is doing all right, as well. 


  1. Mr. Otis is doing quite well billions in stock options he cashed in, and of course his large salary. Lower labor costs, = more bonus for Otis!

    And the list goes on, huge house, private golf course, blah, blah, blah.

    It's all a shame, some one call under cover boss and make them do it, let's get this abuse NATIONAL!

    1. Spot on. If the company really needs put more money back into the business, why not lower the well-paid CEO's bonus instead of taking food out of the mouths of employee's children. Disgusting.

  2. Apparently Clarence isn't doing well enough to actually get around to paying the front line workers what they're due...

  3. I am so fucking glad I no longer work for this company.

  4. Be glad and rejoice! Sometimes we do not see it coming! This might be off topic and I do apologize. I just would like to get my story out there too. I worked for Darden. I was the one who posted about Kenexa, corporate greed, overfishing and all those things. Get as far away from Darden as you possibly can at this point. Negative is the capital word for them.

    I am the one who in turn posted that I was a flight attendant and my husband was a .pilot. Well my Husband actually was the first pilot to take off after 911 and was recruited through word of mouth. He was hired by Allen Stanford ( my husband was x air force millitary).

    Where do you think Allen Stanford is today.....? In Jail for 110 years for defrauding people, We had no idea he was a fraud, just like Darden. I turned to Darden when I needed a job to sustain myself. He was flying this criminal around when we had no idea zero, zilch,So please be careful. I am writing this to let you know that people are fakes, will steal and leave you helpless.

    Stanford Finacial, a huge company just like Darden couldn't even tell me where my husband was, meanwhile he laid dead in hotel, for 3 days in Texas, they had no accountability, I kept calling " where is my husband"?

    I also tried to get a jet up there to go and retrieve my Husband;s belongings and they said sorry we can't help you, even though I have a passport and certified flight attendant on corporate jets.

    (my point is about corporate greed) and how they treat humans. Also at the time of my Husband's death Stanford Fincial owed 10,000 dollars in back pay, 10,000 dollars. I asked that his paycheck be sent to my home to pay bills, nothing more. I got ripped off by a man that now sits in jail. Allen Stanford, so glad he is behind bars.

    I never saw my Husbands back pay for flying Allen Stanford around.

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