UnderCover Waitress: John Castle Broke Paul Kucik's Left Ring Finger

Friday, June 22, 2012

John Castle Broke Paul Kucik's Left Ring Finger

This one bears watching. According to RT Question More online magazine, a Florida waiter was assaulted and battered by an unruly customer.

John Castle is a wealthy and the completely full of himself CEO of Castle Harlan equity firm. At 76 years of age, he is still acting like a spoiled toddler.

At the swanky, Florida country club in which Castle was feeding his face, his waiter, 57 year old Paul Kucik, dropped the check on the table after Castle's wife requested it.

Had Castle's wife not requested the check, this would have been a faux pas. It is the country club's policy to only drop the check if it is requested, and often the cost of the meal is added to the member's tab.

As I highly doubt Castle's wife will admit to requesting the check as Kucik claims (I believe Kucik,) let's pretend Kucik made a faux pas. If Kucik was a new hire, he might not have known the policy. A polite explanation of the policy would have been appropriate. If he was not knew and forgot, at the very worst a minor reprimand may have been appropriate and serve as a reminder.

After Kucik dropped the check at Mrs. Castle's request, Mr. Castle became visibly enraged and first subjected Kucik to verbal abuse by calling him a "schmuck." He then committed assault and battery by grabbing Kucik's hand and squeezing and twisting Kucik's fingers. There is no mention of whether Kucik screamed in pain or not; however, Kucik struggled and got away.

Guess what management of swanky "we love your money" club's initial response to Kucik's ordeal was? C'mon, guess. That's right: they shrugged off Kucik, whose pain was ongoing.

Kucik got himself to the emergency room for an x-ray. Castle broke Kucik's finger.

Here is a copy of the complaint that Kucik filed against Castle: Kucik v. Castle. In it, Kucik demands a trial by jury.

So, money truly isn't everything. It most certainly can not buy an ungracious troll any class, as we have seen today.

Also, I told you waiting tables was dangerous.


  1. What a bloody jackass. Complete troll. Mr. Kucick ought to sue the bastard. His hands are his livelihood.

    And of course, if the troll is charged, the wagons will get circled by Fox News and that sort, accusing the waiter of being a communist and not minding his place.

  2. Addendum: Kucick has filed suit for over $15,000. Will post more details next week. Am having trouble finding time to do all of my homework this summer; sorry for the incomplete information.

  3. It's been making the news up here as well. I looked around after seeing this blog.

  4. All fair-minded readers should be interested in John Castle’s side of this story. Waiters and waitresses are usually wonderful people, but not all of them.
    In evaluating Mr. Kucik’s allegations, there are five crucial facts.
    First, all four guests at the Castle table, sitting within a few feet of Mr. Castle and Mr. Kucik, signed affidavits swearing that Mr. Castle did not physically injure Mr. Kucik in any way.
    Second, as a Boca Raton stock broker, Mr. Kucik pled guilty to a federal felony for conspiracy to commit securities fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Mr. Kucik was sentenced to 5 months imprisonment.
    Third, Mr. Kucik was arrested for indecent exposure, resisting arrest and obstruction in Dade County, Florida. (The police alleged public sex involving three men.)
    Fourth, Mr. Kucik filed a lawsuit in state circuit court against Mr. Castle in which he seeks damages for his finger. (At the same time, he has filed a worker compensation claim for the same alleged injury.) He has demanded $1,000,000 from Mr. Castle.
    Fifth, two doctors who examined the X-ray of Mr. Kucick’s finger reached the conclusion that it was not broken.
    Mr. Kucik is contriving an injury to extract money from one of his dinner guests, not so different from his extraction of money from his clients during his dishonest behavior as a stock broker.
    Mr. Kucik has created a minor sensation, as a hapless victim, but the reality is a reversal of roles. Paul Kucik is playing a con, the facts show, and John Castle is the mark. Con men are not an unknown species in towns like Palm Beach.
    Full disclosure: I am a lawyer who represents John Castle.

    1. Thank you for writing. You tell a very different story from the one that has gotten publicity in places like the Huffington Post and other online news sources. I hope that the final results of Kucik's allegations and lawsuit are made public because I want to know how this ends.

      I am surprised that a lawyer who represents John Castle would be willing to divulge so much detail on the internet. Is the case over? If so, would you please kindly write back with a link to the decision? (and thank you.)

      If the case is not over, I question whether it is ethical for you to make so many allegations public, unless they already are. I am not a lawyer, so please do write back with an explanation if I am mistaken. It has always been my impression that a good lawyer keeps his or her cards close to the chest. (On the other hand, I recognize the irony of one side getting tons of publicity and the other side needing to keep quiet.)

      Any way you can prove that you really are representing Castle and that you know of where you speak?

      Thanks again for writing.

    2. You are correct. It is not proper to make such statements.


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