UnderCover Waitress: Breaking News: Ontario Bill Protecting Server Tips

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Breaking News: Ontario Bill Protecting Server Tips

This just in via Contact Under Cover Waitress:

Hi I am a waitress I am trying to get support for a Bill they are trying to pass in Ontario.  It will prohibit our owners/managers from any of our tips.  This is a huge deal b/c right now there are no laws regarding tips in Ontario so the owner can do what ever they want.  The first time the bill was put through our Labour Minister shot it down.  We have a new Labour Minister and have a good shot at getting it passed.  Here are some links explain it all better than I do I need some help getting the word out.  If there is anything you can do or some advise I would appreciate it :  

Michael Prue to Re-Introduce Bill to Ban Unfair Tip-Outs

No matter where you live, you can show your support for servers to keep their hard-earned tips by liking the FaceBook page:


Seriously, if people want to tip management, they can get up and hand the manager a handful of money. When people leave money for the server, the expectation is she gets to keep it. Unfortunately, this expectation is often incorrect. 

Let servers keep server tips. And when people hand cash to management, we won't expect management to give it up, either. 

Thank you for supporting waitresses and waiters!

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  1. It'll be nice if it manages to pass that sort of law. We'll see. Our provincial government tends to get caught up in its own blunders as it is....


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