UnderCover Waitress: Barbie Defends Hooters

Monday, May 7, 2012

Barbie Defends Hooters

Some days, a blog post just drops in my lap like manna from heaven. 

As my regular readers are aware, I received a serious question recently regarding Hooters lunches and sexual harassment. Person wanted to know if being taken to Hooters for a business lunch qualified as sexual harassment. Without more details, I thought we could all agree that it was, at best, poor judgement, and at worst, actionable. 

Barbie Bobbity-Boop, proud Hooters girl from Alabama, has written in to let me know how sorry she is for people who aren't comfortable in the wonderful, family atmosphere that Hooters creates. 

Why am I not surprised that this vapid creature is from Alabama? I never get "Me love Hooters" emails or comments from Washington, or Oregon, or Maine. It's always some bible-belt state, which is confusing, because I thought Christian types thought boobs must be covered (especially if a hungry baby is around) and sluts must be stoned to death. 

Anyway, ready for some fun? As usual, her words are in italics, my responses in bold. 

As a Hooter's girl, I don't see why this would be considered sexual harassment. 

That's because you are an idiot. 

No one, and I mean no one, should have to explain to you why some women will experience a restaurant with scantily clad "waitresses" bouncing around as a sexually hostile environment. Get a grip. 

Hooter's is a family restaurant, NOT a strip club. 

I'll agree that it is not a strip club because you are not required to remove clothing completely and show nipples. It is, however, a tits-and-ass business. If it is a family restaurant, however, it loses it's BFOQ. A family restaurant may not discriminate on the basis of gender; therefore, if Hooters is a family restaurant it must start hiring male waiters. 

I've worked in several restaurants, and the only difference is that Hooter's has a very stress free atmosphere, with better-looking people. I actually get to sit down with customers & talk to them about their day (if they want me to). Everywhere else I have worked does not allow you to do that. I do not flirt with people, I do my job just like anywhere else. 

"with better-looking people." Appearance discrimination, anyone

Thank you, Barbie, for showing us all how vapid and shallow you and your bosses are in four words. Ugly people must be hidden from sight so the beautiful people don't have to look at them. Ugly people do not deserve employment. Ugly people must be shamed by the Barbies of the world. You just accomplished in four words what I have been saying on this blog ad nauseum about Hooters. Thank you! 

We have as many females eat there as males. 

Hogwash. Check out the review from TripAdvisor

We're not advanced enough as a species for a place like this. Maybe they're on the leading edge, I don't know. There were not very many women customers. Hooters struck me as a convenient place for men to ogle pretty women. And the waitresses seemed harried and distracted. There is a kid's menu, yet none was brought. The two checks that were supposed to be separate WERE split, but printed on the same paper. You get six onion rings for $5. The food was okay, but not enough to make up for the other dissatisfaction.

We give the children crayons & balloons. I've even hula hooped with the kids before. If you feel uncomfortable eating there, then you must be self conscious, & I am sorry you feel that way. 

I must be self-conscious about what? Not being pretty enough to be in your "better-looking people" environment? 

Did it ever occur to you that not everybody wants to look at your body? Especially while trying to eat? 

People come there to discuss business everyday. If your boss will think differently of you because you disagree with eating there, then maybe you should rethink working for that person! 

Really? Well, gosh Barbie, that just solves everything! People should just re-think working for that person! 

Hooter's also has a strict sexual harassment policy. Society has a bad perception of Hooter's. Yes, we are in a small uniform, but it actually covers more than you think...I am not ashamed to work there, and I feel sorry for people who are ashamed to eat there.
-Hooter's Girl Trussville, AL

Can you discuss what is stated in the "strict sexual harassment policy?" Or are you just trained to say there is one? 

Hooters has earned the the way it is perceived. It has been around long enough that if it deserved to be thought of as a nice restaurant, the majority of people would not see it as the tits-and-ass joint that it is. 

And nobody gives a rat's ass about your pity. 

We also raise money for charities...such as the Kelly Jo Dowd breast cancer fund. http://www.hooters.com/orangepride/charity.html

I am going to rob a bank and donate the money to charity. That makes it okay. 

Working at Hooter's is also helping me through Nursing School, so maybe one day I can help others who need me. I hope that you change your mind one day about Hooter's =) Have a great day!

You don't want to be a nurse! Hospitals are full of yucky looking people! Do you really think nurses only treat the better looking sick people? Or that all doctors look like the beautiful people on Gray's Anatomy and other television shows? Get out of nursing school while there is still time! 

Fine, maybe I'm cranky today. But I am getting so sick and tired of idiots defending their right to work as sex toys and saying "family restaurant" in the same breath. If you want to work in soft porn, go for it. But don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining. 


  1. >That's because you are an idiot.

    I stopped reading there.

    1. Ah, the tone argument. "You weren't 100% polite in response to someone and/or you used naughty words, so I'm going to dismiss everything you said." I very much doubt you were planning on giving the article (and the concepts within) a fair chance if your delicate pearl-clutching self is so easily discouraged.


  2. Attention spans are many-splendored things.

    1. While I wholeheartedly agree with you and enjoyed your response (both to Barbie and Philo), I do have to say that maybe you'd reach a larger public by sticking to rational arguments instead of personal attacks (even if she IS an idiot). Then again, it sounds like something I would say in exasperation, as a naturally abrasive feminist, so don't take it as any kind of condemnation or anything! Just my two cents.

    2. You make an excellent point.

      I have had plenty of pro-Hooters people tell me it is perfectly fine to show and shake their cleavage for money. At least that is honest. It is another thing entirely to pretend to not know what all the fuss is about.

      It was the feigned ignorance that got under my skin this morning, but yes, you are right. I am sure that I will keep my audience by resisting the temptation to call people idiots.

  3. What an angry, ugly and unnecessary rant. If you want people to take you seriously, please refrain from the PMS hysterics. Truly pathethic, and a poor way to try to make your point.

    1. You assume that I got angry because I'm on my period? How misogynistic of you. Every time a woman gets angry, it can not be simply assumed she has PMS.

      My anger was for a reason, and not the one you think. I am angry because of the attempt some people make to pretend that breastaurants are not sexually charged atmospheres. They are, and they hurt people who have been molested, raped, and abused. They set women up for additional abuse. To pretend Hooters is a family restaurant is ridiculous.

      Did I rant? Yes. If you would like to be taken seriously, please stop invalidating women's anger and chalking it up people's emotions to PMS.

  4. Wow... as an Alabama writer in the Rocket City, I breathed a huge sigh of relief to see that one signed from Trussville and not Huntsville. I should state that I've never had a problem with Hooters nor with the girls who work there and I've been to the restaurants many, many times. But with social outings and friends - NOT with my family. I am a hot-wing fiend.
    At the same time, however, I would NOT take my young children (when I have them) there. Not because I'm offended by skin or equate them to strippers, but because I want to teach my children (when I have them) to value more about themselves and others than what is skin deep. It's bad enough that girls in middle school are developing eating disorders because of what they've already been inundated with as being 'sexy'. Why add to it by enforcing the idea that sexy and cool is big breasts and trashy clothes? For that matter, why would I want my children (yes, when I have them) to worry about what sexy is at all????
    No. Even if it's not likely to scar them in any way, I don't want my kids to go to Hooters.

  5. UC: I can only offer my applause. As far as I'm concerned, it needed to be said.

    1. Thanks. ;-) What is sticking in my mind is the "I feel sorry for people who are self-conscious" line of thinking. Since when did basic modesty and humility become overly self-conscious? When a bunch of men (not all men, but a bunch of men) told a bunch of girls and women not to be self-conscious about showing and shaking. These men are not concerned for the well-being of the girls, but simply want to enjoy the show. I know, I know, I'm repeating myself, but it is truly sad to hear a woman parrot that party line. Sad.


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