UnderCover Waitress: Waiter Spits in Ice Tea

Friday, April 20, 2012

Waiter Spits in Ice Tea

Leaving you with some rather disgusting thoughts for the weekend. This was brought to my attention on LiveJournal, and as I have written before about how unprofessional and illegal it is to defile a person's food with bodily fluids, unfortunately it does happen.

A McDonald's employee was caught on video and arrested for spitting in two cups of iced tea. The customers returned them because they weren't sweet enough; he spat in them before giving them back. I don't know if the customers drank the tea or not, but the article does say that they removed the lids and saw phlegm.

As this missive points out, the problem may be fast food. There are numerous problems with fast food, stuff going bad on the shelves is the least of it. The Consumerist reports that KFC fired employees for refusing to serve chicken that had turned rotten and green. Profits before people!

The moral of the story at this point is to avoid fast food at all costs. Eat in small restaurants that take pride in what they do, not large corporate chains. And make sure your immune system is in full working order or stay home. 


  1. and letting people leave bodily fluids in your food is definitely the best way to jack your immune system up into proper Rocky-esque form. i mean i don't know how well my immune system would be if a didn't eat a burger full of phlegm at least once a week.


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