UnderCover Waitress: Happy Tax Day

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Tax Day

Just a quick post today. Taxes are currently wringing the middle and poorer classes dry. This is because the responsibility of funding social supports is being placed solely on their shoulders, while the rich pay a lower percentage of their income than the middle class.

Some people say that when the Mitt Romneys of the country choose to donate to charities, that makes up for it.

Money needs to be given to the state to fund social services that benefit each and every citizen or would-be citizen in this country. It is not up to the very rich to decide which church-sponsored charities are worth their money, and which are not. Secular humanists, gays, Jews, women, and everybody else have the same rights as those who call themselves Christians.

Say goodbye to Planned Parenthood, Roads, Libraries, Public Education, Student Loans, Affordable Health Care and Dentist Care, Public Transportation, Housing...

Pay taxes today and vote for a progressive tomorrow in November.

Obama 2012.


  1. Here in Canada there's the same sort of mentality, where "lower taxes for the rich and corporations will encourage investment and economic development." Bull.

    And our Prime Minister is shamelessly shilling for what his mouthpieces call "ethical" oil instead of investing in what'll eventually have to be turned to- alternative energy... all while completely ignoring fact in favour of his bloody ideology.

    1. Amazing. Insatiable greed is the root of all evil.


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