UnderCover Waitress: The Blue Meanie With Allergies

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Blue Meanie With Allergies

Yup, still bringing back oldies but goodies until my semester is over. Gearing up for a test next week that is worth 30% of my grade, but hey, no pressure!

The following post became quite popular, but as far as I could tell, people were interested in the graphic more than the story. You know how some people say that if you are nervous about public speaking, imagine the audience in their underwear? Well, this blue haired screamer is how I imagine belligerent customers.

Customer Food Allergies

Looking at keywords that bring you, my wonderful readers, to this site, 
I saw, "customer allergy to the food but he never."

AIGH! I'm ALLERGIC to that!!!
Yup, they sure have a hissy-fit when you serve them X 
and they are allergic to X. That is because they will die 
if they eat X. So why on Earth don't they bother to tell us? 
If I were going to die, be certain I will tell you so you 
don't inadvertently kill me. (Who knows, maybe they 
just want to file a lawsuit?)

Had a woman order a chocolate dessert. When served, 
it has a little raspberry and caramel sauce on the plate. 
She threw a fit because she is allergic to raspberries, 
a fact she had withheld.

Now, she was mad because the description either didn't 
mention or mentioned in small print the raspberry sauce. However, what it does mention 
on the menu is that it is impossible for the restaurant to print every single ingredient 
of every dish, so please mention any food allergies to your server.

Remember, this is a small, chef-owned restaurant in which everything is made to order. 
Perhaps if you are used to dining in places that defrost food to order, you can expect 
things to never change.

Of course, we re-made her dessert without the raspberry sauce. 
I asked her if she was allergic to anything else; she gave me a dirty look. 
Yeah, I didn't like her either.

Under Cover Waitress: Customer Food Allergies


  1. Someone like that goes through life permanently pissed off at pretty much every other human being on the planet.

    And the blue haired screamer needs to stop drinking coffee!

  2. This is a huge pet peeve of mine too. If you have an allergy, it's YOUR responsibility to let me know (even if you think the food doesn't have that ingredient). Don't wait until the food has been made and hit the table before saying "Oh, and by the way, I'm deathly allergic to nuts, onions, garlic, black pepper, and dairy. Is this safe for me to eat?" when the plate is in front of them. It's happened so many times, it makes no sense. I seem to take allergies more seriously than customers who have them sometimes. Now that $15-30 dish has to be thrown away so a new one can be made without those ingredients.

    1. I know, right?!? I don't have food allergies and I also seem to take them more seriously than those that actually have them! You made me laugh, thanks!


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