UnderCover Waitress: Health Care is Unconstitutional

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Health Care is Unconstitutional

According to the Center for Disease Control, a full twenty percent of Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills. That is one in five.

It is no secret that waitressing is one of the many low-wage jobs in which workers with families to support simply go without medical insurance. When the choice is between groceries and insurance, most people pick groceries so they can feed their children.

The GOP, however, would have people believe that the working poor like it that way. They argue that it is unconstitutional to force people to purchase health care. The very wise Ruth Bader Ginsberg has made the argument that mandated health care is no different from mandated Social Security. Social Security is the required form of retirement insurance that workers pay into via a special tax on their paychecks.

Wojtek Wakowski has made it easier for people to opt out of paying for this "product" that they don't want -- useless health insurance. He has made the salient point that not everybody wishes to receive care when injured; some people don't want to pay for medical care and would rather die in agony.

Follow this link to print out a PDF of these DNR cards out for you, your family, members, and for your like-minded friends:

Americans have the right to choose to be poor. We have the right to choose to remain uneducated because we don't have the money to pay for expensive education, and we like it that way. We have the right to lose our teeth because we can not afford dental care, and we like it that way. We have the right to die at the age of 27 because we got hit by a car and chose to not waste our hard-earned cash on health insurance. We have the freedom to live in abject poverty in crime-ridden neighborhoods in which there is no hope.

How dare politicians with their taxpayer-funded health care packages force us to receive medical attention? The freedom to choose makes America great!!!


  1. My husband and I can't afford health insurance, but I do not want to be mandated to pay for a national health care plan, either. We could budget for it now if we really worked at it, but we rarely get sick and can afford the occasional out-of-pocket expense. I don't want MORE of my money going out of my pocket (I have a shit ton of student loans to pay) for something I don't have a choice in. If I could choose between plans or something I would be more open to the national health care plan, but as of now I don't want to be forced to pay a large amount of my small living allowance (I have about $800 a month to feed two people and a dog) towards a health care plan I have no say in.

    1. No offense, but I think that is extremely short-sighted. If you get sick or injured while young, you will be blind-sided. If you stay healthy and eschew health insurance until you are older and start needing medical care, you will have no choice and your needs will most likely go unmet. I'm serious. If you are 45 or older, you will be unable to afford a health insurance plan under the current situation. You won't be eligible for Medicare for another twenty years.

      The point of Obama's health care initiatives is to NOT require you to pay "a large amount" of a small income. The point is to include everyone and NOT bankrupt the poor. Unlike the income tax structure today, the poor will not be expected to carry the rich.

      A health insurance plan that "you have no say in" will ensure that you receive care when needed. Today, people are being turned away and "have no say" in the fact that they cannot receive medical care due to being unable to pay.

      Rufus Dogg published a post shortly after I published this one in which he details more financial aspects of the health care industry. You may read it here: http://www.dogwalkblog.com/the-naked-truth-about-health-insurance.html

      Thanks for commenting and adding to the discussion.

  2. Thanks for the shout out to my post. I'm intrigued about the fact the right is not influenced in any way with pathos arguments about health care from the left yet the left keeps making them so they are easy to dismiss. If we start arguing on the unsustainability of health "insurance" or the ridiculousness of "insuring" the risk of an absolute certainty, maybe they will listen.

    The industry is clearly closing in on itself. The healthy young WILL NOT buy something they perceive to not need nor be able to afford.. the old, the insurance industry does not want to sell to as that is a 100% guarantee of a claim. The only real "risk" group is the middle.. and that is shrinking rapidly. Insurance is about risk and insurance profit is about taking in more in premiums (and/or other revenue sources like investments) than you pay out in claims. It really comes down to simple math.

    1. If you are young and healthy, you don't buy. Then, as you get older, you develop a problem. Too bad, you have a pre-existing condition! In the vernacular -- yer' screwed.

      I know someone who went bankrupt after a fluke accident resulting in permanent physical disability. It got me thinking, and maybe I am going off on a tangent, but if my memory isn't as bad as I think it is then right around the time health care costs were becoming unsustainable, mortgages were failing, and banks were encouraging the poor and the stupid to use usurious credit cards. All of a sudden, bankruptcy laws changed to make it more difficult to get out of the mess people were in. This is before the bank bailouts.

      Instead of fixing the problem of the greedy rich feeding on the poor, we made it more difficult for the poor to get out alive.

      Coincidence? I think not.

    2. Oh, and I am quite guilty about making the morality arguments that the right couldn't care less about. I need to learn to speak their language -- money.

  3. I rarely get sick, but it's nice to know there's a medical system in place here for me in Canada.

    You never know what could happen down the line. And a family should never go into debt for a half million dollars if a case of cancer or a very bad accident comes into their lives.....

    1. Of course, I agree.

      People here in the states sometimes point to Canada and say, "see how long he had to wait for his procedure! We don't want that!" I would find this hilarious if it weren't so dangerous. We prefer to choose between bankruptcy or going without the procedure instead of waiting for it. Blinded by the need for immediate gratification?

      The devil can do math. If there are only a few people who can afford medical care, at least there will never be a line.

  4. Of course, the Republican Party is bought and payed for, they don't represent the American people, they represent Multi National Corporations, it's just sad the the people who shout the loudest in support of these idiots and against America coming in line with the rest of the civilized world and socializing medicine, have the most to lose.


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