UnderCover Waitress: Ding, Dong, the Bill is Dead

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ding, Dong, the Bill is Dead

Sung to the tune of "Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead" from the Wizard of Oz. (I don't have to pay royalties now, do I?) Instead of munchkins, picture waitresses linked arm-in-arm, singing in solidarity. And they don't sound like they have been breathing helium.

Read about this picture at the source: http://www.doobybrain.com/2009/03/09/catching-up-with-one-of-the-original-munchkins/

But, seriously folks, Senate Bill 2106: Tipped Employees died on March 9, 2012. This means that the minimum wage for tipped employees in Florida will not be lowered. Huzzah!

Now, some people are saying that there will be no restaurant jobs available and the restaurant industry in Florida will go bankrupt. All because of the greedy waitresses. Yup. About that bridge I have for sale...

Have a great day, everyone! :-)


  1. I'm happy you won't get your paycheck cut in half!


  2. What employers have to do is be more vigilant to what servers declare for tips. Average tips are always 16%-17%. Most servers when asked will tell you that a specific customer left him/her only 10%. But we must look at the end of the day and better yet the end of the week. It is well known fact that servers hide their tips from Uncle Sam. That in my opinion should be dealt with. Employers can just check the servers sales and see what there declaring, it should be 16-17 percent. If not then 3 things might be happening, the server is hiding tips from the IRS, he/she is not a good server or there are too many servers on the floor. Customer tips like I said always works out to 16-17 percent. Employers should look at the staffing too. If too many servers, the servers are not making money and it is costing in payroll.
    I know some of you might get angry for what I’m saying “he/she is not a good server” but it is the truth. I have been in this industry for 30 years now and have done everything in a restaurant. I know what I’m talking about. If this statement “he/she is not a good server” is not true what is happening with the tips? If a restaurant is selling 10 k in a day there should be around $1600.00 in tips declared, why at the end of the day employers are getting declared tips 1,000.00?
    There is a misconception among servers that they only need to declare 8% of their sales in tips. 8% is simply a bottom line that the IRS uses when attempting to determine how much a server earned in tips over the year. The IRS does not expect to be paid 8% of a server’s sales as tax.
    Remember servers you are required to declare 100% of your tips.
    Not dropping the minimum wage will have an effect in everything you buy. A hamburger that cost 6-7 dollars will go to 10 dollars. All this WILL be paid by the consumer. The Florida voter and consumer WILL pay for the vote they did in 2005 to tie the minimum wage to CPI. It’s just the way thing work. Cost is ALWAYS past to the consumer. So even the servers that make more WILL end up paying more.

    1. Wow. I will respond to your points in the order you have written them.

      1 -- You don't know that servers "always" make 16-17% tips, and to make such a declaration is overly simplistic.

      2 -- Even if you are right that some servers do not claim all of their tips as income, it is draconian and stupid to attempt to improve the economy by squeezing the poor. Tax the rich, and when the rich are paying their fair (progressive) tax rates, and large corporations and banks are operating under regulation and oversight, then you can start policing the working class to make sure that they, too, are behaving.

      3 -- Employers do check servers sales to make assumptions about tips, which is why servers sometimes pay income tax on money they didn't make. Please refer back to point #1 re: servers "always" make X% in tips.

      4 -- "Not a good server" is the threat the restaurant industry uses to force servers to swallow the bitter pill of paying tax on income not earned when they have a bad night. Pretending that you made more money than you did is sometimes preferable to unemployment.

      5 -- I don't care how long you've worked in the restaurant industry, your points are still extremely easy to debunk. Stupid people in their 50's have worked *somewhere* for 30 years.

      6 -- Lowering the minimum wage will have an effect on everything you sell. When people have no money, they don't buy things.

      Please go crawl back under the rock from which you came.

    2. We at Darden always hit the "OK" button that shows our cash tips or what we should have made because the manager has to approve it if you enter a lower number and besides having to wait to leave, it calls attention to your tips and you fear for your job..those of us stuck with a sorry clientele often feel pressure to lie that we made more.

    3. 16-17 percent!!He never worked on my side of town..jerk!


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