UnderCover Waitress: Super Bowl Sunday Happened

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday Happened

Happy Monday, everyone!

If you like ball games, then I hope you had fun yesterday. My fellow blogger, William Kendall, posted last week about his lack of interest in football, which I share. I left a comment but then felt inspired to write this post.

I have friends who greatly enjoy getting together to eat, watch, and cheer. I think they drink a lot of beer, too. I spoiled my chances of ever getting an invitation, however, when a colleague at the restaurant asked me if I liked football.

Me: "Is that the game with the funny-shaped ball?"

He truly looked hurt. He said, "That's not funny" and walked away. Fortunately, he still speaks to me, but not about football.

Then there are those who refuse to give up hope in me. Talk about persistent. This must have been around baseball season, because the guys on television were hitting a little ball with a big stick. A friend was trying to explain the rules of the game to me. Innings, outs, balls... so many things to keep track of. At one point she started to test me on what she was trying (desperately) to teach me.

She asked, "Okay, Under, how many balls does he have?" I looked at her blankly.

"I thought they all had two."

Half the people in the bar we were sitting in cracked up, the other half looked uncomfortable. I shut my mouth for awhile because I know how I would feel if some guy was making raunchy jokes about women and didn't care if I got uncomfortable. So, we stopped talking about balls, both the game and the human types.

If you are a fan of the games and ate out yesterday, I hope you tipped well. That is all I have ever cared about on Super Bowl Sunday! 


  1. We did eat out yesterday, but had to go to a chain restaurant as the local places are mostly sports bars. The ones that weren't sucked in people with large televisions and Super Bowl food. We parked right at the front door and got seated right away. Service was slow... always is on a slow night... but we tipped well anyway...

    I got home in time to catch the second half which was all that was important anyway. Since I didn't care who won and most of the commercials were dull anyway, I kept switching back and forth to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Better game color there :-)

    1. Slow service on a slow night happens, but it understandably drives people nuts! I am not defending it. My experience on slow nights is, ironically, I am more likely to make a mistake because I am bored so not paying attention. Good restaurants need to keep busy to keep staff on our toes. Slow shifts are actually more difficult, which is counter-intuitive.

      I heard that the advertisements were bogus this year. Puppy Bowl, however, sounds like fun! :-)

  2. Baseball and hockey I can get into. Some of the stuff at the Olympic level, I like. Beyond that, not a lot in the way of sports. I don't consider mountain climbing, which I love doing, to be a sport, since you're not competing with anyone. It's more of a way of life.

    I spent last night cross country skiing instead, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Cross country skiing in the evening sounds like a dream. I also enjoy ice skating, both doing and watching. (No, I can't do triple axels, but I can skate around and have a good time.)

    2. I can't skate at all, which seems rather un-Canadian of me!


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