UnderCover Waitress: Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Tilted Kilt

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Tilted Kilt

I first reported on this last June. A group of waitresses at a Chicago Tilted Kilt location complained of sexual harassment from a male manager. The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission recently gave the nineteen women the green light to go and ahead and sue the Tilted Kilt franchise.

There are over thirty examples of sexually harassive behavior listed in the Complaint. Women who complained about the treatment were retaliated against by being given few or especially bad shifts. (A bad shift is one in which the restaurant expects to be quiet. No tables = no money.)

The three counts in the lawsuit are sexual harassment, retaliation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Under the first count, sexual harassment, the following examples are listed:

A.)  Taking a straw full of water, placing it down at least one of the Plainitffs’ dresses, 
releasing the water  and making comments such as “I’m trying to  get your panties wet” and 
“That’s how Daddy likes it – with your panties wet.”
 B.)  Stating to one or more of the Plaintiffs: “meow, meow- you’re a dirty kitty.”
C.)  Making comments to one or more Plaintiffs such as “You don’t know what I’d like 
to do to you”. 
 D.)  Telling one or more of the Plaintiffs: “I want to f@%k you” and “I want to f@%k 
you so bad”.
 E.) Telling one or more of the Plaintiffs: “You look f@%king hot”.
F.)  Loudly discussing pornography with customers. 
 G. Engaging in talk about pornography with one or more Plaintiffs, including reference to 
“the 80’s bush”, and explicit content about Dennis Sotos and his wife’s sexual life. 
 H.)  Asking one or more Plaintiffs to “smell my finger.”
 I.)  Saying things about riding his handlebars when referring to his mustache and women 
sitting on his face. 
 J.) Dennis Sotos and owner Thomas Sotos calling one or more Plaintiffs by sexually 
derogatory nicknames, including a name that a Plaintiff was told translates from Greek to 
English as: “You give me a hard on.”
K.)  Propositioning one or more of the Plaintiffs. 
L.)  Asking a Plaintiff to have her and a female friend participate in a ménage a trois.
M.)  Commenting to a Plaintiff about the breasts and buttocks of other female employees. 
N.)  Making out with customers in plain view of the Tilted Kilt staff in the restaurant, and 
taking women in his office. 
O.)  Telling a Plaintiff about his sexual exploits with women in his office. 
P.)  Telling a Plaintiff that the way to get to a promotion was to have sex with him. 
Q.)  Forcing himself in an aggressive sexual manner on a 19 year old employee. 
R.)  Grabbing one or more of Plaintiffs’ breasts.  
 S.)  Grabbing one or more of Plaintiffs’ buttocks.
 T.)  Attempting to kiss one or more of the Plaintiffs on the mouth. 
 U.)  Attempting to hug one or more of the Plaintiffs. 
 V.)  Licking one or more of the Plaintiffs’ ears.
 W.)  Poking one or more of the Plaintiffs in the side and/or buttocks. 
 X.)  Commenting about the look of one or more of the Plaintiffs’ buttocks.
 Y.) Continuously engaging sexual innuendos with the Plaintiffs and other employees. 
 Z.)  Continuously touching, hugging and kissing other young female employees of Tilted 
Kilt Chicago. 
AA.)  Grabbing waitress’s breasts. 
 BB.)  Putting ice down employees’ skirts. 

Sounds like such a lovely place to work.  >sigh<


  1. One thing I didn't like about being a bartender/waitress at my mom's restaurant was the fact that I had to be polite at all cost, even when customers were rude or obnoxious, because "the customer is always right." GAH!!

    It's probably why my own mother fired me three times during my tenure. If a customer made any sexual remarks and made an effort to humiliate me, he got a drink or an ashtray dumped in his lap.

    Yea, I got fired, but I was always brought back. The regulars knew not to try me, the new people were warned by the regulars and yes, the customers were right. Don't screw with Diane. :D Okay?

    1. I won't! ;D Hey, I've been called a "pistol" myself. I take it as a compliment, and sometimes it is even meant that way.

      My ability to perform emotional labor ends at sexual innuendo. Fortunately, it is not something I have to deal with often.

  2. Diane that is funny.
    At the bar I've dealt with a couple comments before that kind of bothered me but I just ignored them. Usually the more flirty comments I've gotten are from older guys, you know the harmless kind of complimentry type remarks. But its a little different what you're talking about because you know when someone is deliberately going too far and it sounds like the things they said to you were more than what I dealt with.

  3. They should squeeze every cent they can get out of the franchise.

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