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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Get A Real Job

A friend forwarded me this photograph before I saw the article in the Huffington Post:

Too bad we can't read the illegible signature.

According to the Huffington Post, a full-of-himself banker spent this much on lunch for himself and his employee. The employee, who is most likely now an ex-employee, snapped the photograph and uploaded it to his blog. Not linking to his blog because it has been taken down, but it was titled "Future Ex-Banker" on Wordpress.

Supposedly, this sorry piece of humanity is quite proud of his 1% status, and punishes anybody who speaks of the 99% in his presence. Not sure if or what the waitress said, but I am curious if someone in or around the restaurant said or did something in support of the Occupy Movement that set this banker  off.

The restaurant manager has said he will ask the waitress, Breanna, how her service was. If it was up to par, then he will (supposedly) make it up to her. Oh, and I have a bridge to sell you. Nice apricot orchard nearby... I'll sell you them both for a discount.

I don't doubt for a minute that Breanna's service was fine. If it really wasn't, then maybe ten to fifteen percent would be more appropriate. In reality, she probably made an effort to give them exceptional service, only to receive this slap in the face.

"Get a real job?" Really? If waitressing is not a real job, then I guess we  don't need to really take it seriously. Next shift, I won't bother washing my hands or making sure my apron is clean. I'll let my hair fall anywhere I want it to, and pick my nose while I'm at it.

I'll get your food to you when I'm good and ready. Or you can get up and get it yourself. Since waitressing isn't a real job, I won't put any real effort into it. Yeah, I see you pointing to your empty water glass, but I'm busy texting. Can't you see that?

Is this why some people are surprised that I am a good cook and appreciate good wines? I work in a good restaurant, but since it's not a real job, they must assume I know nothing about food.

Speaking of "real jobs," I fell in love with a guy who had long hair, a beautiful voice, and musical talent. We attended an animation festival that featured a song (embedded below) that made us both laugh so hard my sides hurt. He still has a beautiful voice and musical talent, but as we got older he did cut his hair.

Waitresses don't have "real jobs." Musicians don't have "real jobs." As a matter of fact, quite a few "real jobs" went overseas, leaving American citizens without their former "real jobs." This was to save the few from having to pay real wages to the many workers and real taxes to the government. And that is, in part, how we got into this 1% vs. the 99% in the first place.

And yet, the myth that the 99% should just get a haircut and get a real job continues.

Had the option of embedding this from YouTube. Please enjoy George Thorogood and The Destroyers:


  1. Posted this story on FB when I saw it on HuffPo the other day, but what I want to commend you on is this:

    "As a matter of fact, quite a few "real jobs" went overseas, leaving American citizens without their former "real jobs." This was to save the few from having to pay real wages to the many workers and real taxes to the government. And that is, in part, how we got into this 1% vs. the 99% in the first place."

    Brava. I've been bitching about American companies sending our jobs overseas for years now. How many people here in the U.S. wouldn't LOVE a call center job right about now? Besides that, I'm sick of not being able to understand the person to whom I'm speaking when trying to get an issue resolved (usually with some piece of equipment of which I have little to no knowledge).
    It isn't just call center jobs, either. I work for a medium-sized company which does business with several very large American companies. This has left me privy to knowledge about these large companies taking their large accounting departments (along with other departments)overseas. This just burns my ass hairs.

    Keep writing! I really enjoy the way you tackle issues that most others won't!

  2. I don't know what's worse, not getting a tip at all or getting a 1% tip followed by a comment like that asshole left. What a jerk!

    My daughter works part time at a dry cleaning service center and she tells me all the rude things customers do and say. I think people assume that if you're working labor jobs, you're not that smart.

    Well, guess what? I was talking to another computer programmer the other day and she laughed because she thought the same thing I was thinking, and that was if I lost my job today, I would be happy to work at Walmart handing out carts and saying, "Have a great day."

    Life's not all about your job, it's about your attitude and that guy has a shitty one. :)

  3. I like that, Diane: "Life is not all about your job, it's about your attitude."

    After a major move, I took a job as a "fill-in" worker at a bread factory. "Fill-in" meaning in case somebody got sick or was snowed in and couldn't get to work. I remember slinging pans of (wicked good) bread with a woman with a PhD in Chemistry. She was having trouble finding a college level teaching job. She had a great attitude; we had fun and did a good job together. It was good, honest work.

  4. I feel like kicking a banker in the ass.

  5. This is absolutely ridiculous and I will just add that, even with complete putzs like this guy, servers make very good money. Depending on the restaurant and the area, there are restaurant servers in this country making more money than a lot of white collar workers! Two young people in my restaurant bought houses last year- in the middle of a recession no less!

  6. My reply to the banker:

    "Yeah, because a REAL job is leveraging your banks assets at 100-1 thanks to the Bush Administration lifting the cap in 2004 which was previously set at 12-1 under Jimmy Carter.
    Then when you leveraged your snobby little ass so far that you would have bankrupted the bank and crashed the entire economy in the process...we bailed you out. Or rather the Bush administration bailed you out....imagine that.

    You bet the farm on a horse named "Subprime mortgage". Then when that horse didnt win, you blamed the horse. You turned what WOULD have been just an ordinary market bubble into the worst banking crisis since 1929 because you put the financial security of the entire country ON that little bubble."

    Ok, I'm done...sorry.



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