UnderCover Waitress: The "F" Word

Monday, February 27, 2012

The "F" Word

Pssssssst! Wan'na know a secret? Come closer, I have to whisper this in your ear...

Under Cover Waitress is a feminist

Don't you ever use that filthy word!

Another gem of a comment from Inspiration and the Objectification of Women:

As a waitress also working my way through college, I strive to make as much money as I possibly can to save up and pay off the ever-looming debt that awaits upon my graduation. Sure, after graduation, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to find a well-paying job in this economy, and with that, I will also help to pay it off; however, I would prefer to not spend those subsequent years still living like a poor college student. 

Why not take advantage of the stupid men who are willing to throw money at you because you are wearing tight clothing? The only thing skimpy about the Hooters' uniforms is the short shorts, and they also wear tights underneath. It's not slutty, it's not skanky, it's smart. If a man will be a womanizer, it is only justifiable that he should become poorer as a result of his schema towards women.

Ready to pick it apart with me? 

1) Striving to earn an income to pay off your debts is commendable. And she has an excellent point in being lucky to find a decent job after graduation, especially if she has been working as a Hooters girl. 

Journalist Gigi Cohen wrote Sure Sex Sells -- But Is It Good For Your Resume? for the Food and Beverage People. She interviewed three managers at three different human resources companies, and asked them if "Hooters Girl" was good, bad, or neutral on a job applicant's resume. 

What is really interesting is that two of the managers interviewed were women; one was a man. He was the only one of the three who didn't want to say that women selling sex to men was a bad thing, but he did caution that it wouldn't be good if said applicant was not looking for a job in the hospitality industry. I find this amusing; I guess it depends upon how you define "hospitality." The male manager continues to offer caveats to keep sexually-themed restaurants off of a job resume, for example, if was awhile ago. Sounds to me like he is backtracking so as not to get in trouble with his own employer. 

The two women managers don't hesitate to warn people of the dangers of listing Hooters girl on a resume. The image of the Hooters girl is most likely not the image that a potential employer is looking for in a new hire. One manager even points out that such a listing on a resume may leave a new hire vulnerable to sexual harassment. (Hey, she likes it.) Better to start a new job off on the right foot than as the company slut. 

Some idiot's fantasy. This is
how men see Hooters girls.
2) Why not take advantage of stupid men willing to throw money at me because I am wearing not just tight, but very little clothing? Please see 1) above. 

3) Regarding taking advantage of womanizers and having the last laugh, I prefer not to play into their worldview. They may be idiots, but they vote. Now that abortion rights have been torn to shreds, high-profile womanizers are attempting to remove women's access to birth control. This will affect poor women first, and my comment-leaver is claiming poverty. Better for our society to stop tolerating misogyny. 

4) And, last but not least, those "tight" uniforms. They are more than just tight, they are skimpy. That is why people's breasts are showing and almost falling out of them. If you don't think this is skimpy, then you will never be able to dress appropriately for another job. 

Remember this: It's not slutty, it's not skanky, it's smart: 

What kind of car was that? 


  1. And now we've got ourselves a Republican candidate who thinks women are nothing more then baby making machines, among other concepts best left in the Dark Ages.

    Annoys the hell out of you, doesn't it?


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