UnderCover Waitress: Documentary on Food Servers

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Documentary on Food Servers

Waiters and waitresses in the Southern California area must read this. Over the course of this year, 2012, documentary filmmaker Lee Godden will be interviewing food servers about how this occupation has effected their lives.

Godden is interested in compelling stories about human relationships and the experience of serving food. One of his goals is to raise social awareness about the food industry. People may not realize that a waitress is sick but cannot go home because she has no sick time benefits, and also no health care. Many servers work in restaurants that they themselves can not afford to eat in.

There is a human side to working as a waitress or waiter. We forge relationships with our regulars, we get "high" on the thrill of a busy evening, and are willing to come to work each shift not knowing how much money we will make. Serving is a gamble. It is no surprise that, when compared to the general population, servers are more likely to have problems with addiction.

Godden is also interested in interviewing food industry experts, such as journalists and professors who focus on the food industry. For more information, visit http://www.wheresmyfood.com/.


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