UnderCover Waitress: Denny's Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Denny's Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Whenever discussion turns to the various and sundry, tawdry claims of sexual misconduct against waitresses at places such as Hooters and the Tilted Kilt, there are always those who respond that you can't agree to work in your skivvies and expect to be treated with respect. Work in a sexually charged environment with power differentials, you may as well expect to be treated like nothing more than a set of tits and ass. D'uh.

As much as I prefer to not push blame on the victims, I have to admit that anybody who agrees to hula-hoop in a thin, white tank top for the enjoyment of fat, slovenly men sucking chicken wings shouldn't be surprised that the rest of the world isn't lining up to ask her opinions.

Predatory behavior exists everywhere, whether it be strip clubs, "family" breastaurants, or ... Denny's Restaurants. I kid you not.

A waitress at a Stockton, California Denny's was subjected to her manager, Henry Guiaro, asking her if her boobs were real. He also suggested she enter a wet t-shirt contest because she would win.

This guy really has a screw loose. His girlfriend allegedly got mad at him for calling out the waitress's name while they were having sex. Heh.

Sounds cut and dry, right? Sexual harassment, complaint, sanction. Another one bites the dust. Believe it or not, it gets even better.

Before the waitress, Brandy Cachu, went to court, she complained about the treatment she endured to another Denny's manager, James Murti. Murti, being the man of G-d that he is, told Cachu to pray about the trouble to make it go away. (Not sure if Murti is a football fan...?)

Don't know if Cachu prayed or not, but Guiaro then showed up in a doctor's costume and invited Cachu into his office for an examination.

G-d helps those who help themselves. Cachu helped herself to legal representation. Her lawyers helped them all to a court case. Good for Cachu. 


  1. How many lawsuits does it take to put women in charge?

    We don't know yet, but let's keep having them until we find out. :D

  2. Murti and Guiaro sound like absolute garbage.

  3. I am a waitress at dennys and this always happens. They cant stop it because they only care about money.

    1. If you have been the target of harassment, you might want to contact a free lawyer referral service in your area. You may also want to type: freelegalhelp dot org into your browser search bar; it will take you to an American Bar Association site that is user-friendly.


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