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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cat and Mouse

Game on.

Wow! I got fan mail! Before I share this with you, dear readers, let me assure you that sending emails affords you no expectation of privacy. Of course, that is not legal advice because I am not a lawyer; I am just a stupid waitress. ;-)

Stalk, much?

I am certain that there is absolutely no connection whatsoever between the Amy Glasscock-Williams who wrote to me and the Amy Glasscock-Williams who is employed as the General Manager of Operations at the Tilted Kilt. I just can't get over the coincidence!

Since I'm just a stupid waitress, I'll probably say something I can get sued for, right? 

Bitch, please. 

Here is what other people are saying about the Tilted Kilt: 

Tilted Kilt: Restaurant Reviews on Trip Advisor :

"First of all we were greeted by almost naked young girls. I felt like we were in a strip club! We decided to stay and ordered our food. 45 minutes later we asked the waitress about our food and she gave some lame excuse... We did not realize that the establishment rounds your bill off for you to the next dollar... surprised to see that not only the waitress gets what we tip but also gets more money from our rounded off bill."

Rounding up the bill is likely illegal, but I will dig around before I make such an assertion. 

"I can only agree with the previous reviewer as we too experienced much the same standard of service. Whilst we did not want to eat we came here to have a few beers on a Saturday night. We went to take two spare stools at the bar only to be told abruptly by the barmaid that the seats were taken. No "I'm sorry sir" or anything like that, just "they're taken". She then returned to chatting to a male customer at the bar..." 

This one is wicked long; the following is an excerpt. Please note that there were at least 2 servers and only 15 people in the restaurant. 

"They got our initial drink order to us rather promptly and then ignored us for the next 30-45 minutes. We were mostly chatting about beers and then looking at the menu for dinner. We had to stop the servers twice to ask them questions about the wings and hamburger selections. We were then ignored again. One server was working the bar right in front of us but didn't hear us saying "Excuse me" or "Hello!" as we tried to get her attention. As she turned to walk away I resorted with a loud, sharp "HEY!" Her sarcastic reply was, "I usually answer to Angela, but I'll help you.""

Angela proceeds to treat them to bold rudeness for the rest of their visit. 

People at Yelp give numerous and varied reviews on a 1 to 5 star scale: 

Food is 3 stars, overpriced beer is 2 stars. 

I like the ambiance of Irish sports bar with a modern twist in design. Male and female staff seamed friendly. I like the idea of hiring good looking servers, but please upgrade the quality of their work clothes. The white girls tops are extremely cheap. My husband and I liked the drinks, but food was awful and overpriced. They even charge us for side of ranch with onion rings.

Went there for lunch with 5 other coworkers and I was a horrible experience. They got my order wrong twice and I left there without eating lunch. Probably will never go back

As for the waitresses took us forever to track her down at times. Sometimes we had to grab someone else when we needed something. It is very annoying because the girls will sit at the tables and chat with the customers for a very lengthy time period, leaving the rest of their customers hanging. Oh and the girls dress pretty slutty, so I guess the guys may give them a better review than me.

2 reasons I will not go back is drinks are overpriced and its way too loud there

When my wife asked what kind of beer Hobgoblin was, Kristen didn't exhibit any knowledge of the beer

I went the with business associates.  We were seated in an empty restaurant for lunch. We waited for 15 minutes while watching two other groups get seated and served drinks with orders for food taken. We got up and left 

I was seated and given a menu.  I waited patiently for 10 minutes to be acknowledged by any of the waitresses. One passed me at least 5 times chatting up and serving every table around me.  Another sat at the next table with he back to me chatting to two regulars?  I felt like bum on the street that no one pays attention to

I ordered a beer and fish tacos.  It came fast and tasted good.  Then the waitress came over and sat down at my table for a chat.  Exciting.... I don't want to hear about your double shift and your tired because your daughter didnt sleep last night. Wtf. 

And, finally, this pillar of the community tells it like it is: 

Great burgers, lots of TVs, and a good concept.  My only complaint is that the waitresses were not very attractive.  Yes, I know this is a shallow observation but the place deserves to be judged in this manner as they are specifically advertising attractive waitresses.  

>sigh< Unfortunately, he makes a good point. 

In closing, let me remind you that all of these complaints did not come from me. They came from people who patronized the Tilted Kilt, something I am unlikely to do (unless it is for research.) With all of these complaints coming from ex-customers, and all of the money lost due to bad food, overpriced drinks and poor service, I find it fascinating that Ms. Glasscock-Williams is worried about me. 

Based upon what her customers are saying, she should probably be focusing on the menu, the budget, and training servers, and stop wasting her time tracking down some random blogger. Honestly, I don't give myself as much credit as she does. 


  1. with a name like glasscock....wow.

  2. Thank you for pointing out! I actually thought of that, but restrained myself while writing the post.

  3. Great post. Very interesting. Hmm ...

  4. Thanks, Margo. The really cool thing about this post, when I think about it, is the fact that I didn't really write it.

    (Ii's mostly just quotes.) hehehehe

  5. Wow! What an intelligent, all around wonderful post! And from "just" a waitress! Amazing! :)

  6. What a name, Glasscock-Williams. She and her customers need a good smack upside the head.

  7. Actually I am sure it is the same Amy Glasscock. She is the personal assistant to Loyd Ivey who owned the TK as well as MiTek Corporation.

  8. How did I miss this post! Schizty Amy!


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