UnderCover Waitress: Work and FaceBook Do Not Mix

Friday, December 23, 2011

Work and FaceBook Do Not Mix

This is hysterical, and much too poignant:  

Found this funny on Live, Laugh, Breathe. Deeply o_O on FB.

Well, okay, working and blogging don't necessarily mix, either, but here goes:

We have all heard about the kid who got fired from the pizza joint for posting about a bad tip. The "next generation" of FB users post pictures of their receipts with bad tips. And Victoria Liss disgraced herself by using FB to round up troops of stalkers to attack the wrong guy. Heh.

But, way back in the day when FB was young and people were stupid, employees discussed inter-office politics online.

I remember arriving to work and being greeted by a sign announcing that the next employee who discussed the restaurant on FB would be immediately fired. One of the many things I liked about that particular manager: you knew exactly where she stood.

It started with one waitress baiting the rest of us by posting publicly about how, "as usual," she got the short end of the stick that night. Like a bass to the worm on the end of a hook, other employees starting responding...

The real bummer, in my opinion, is that those involved took the argument where it belonged: into private messages. Which means I never got to read all the juicy details. All I got was whatever people said about it later. Darn. There is nothing like the heat of the moment.

It gets better. In a highly misguided attempt to save face, the original poster claimed that she wasn't posting about work. Rather, she was upset about something else at home. My jaw hit the floor when I heard that.

Word to the wise: Don't lie. The rest of us know when you are lying.


  1. I love the Rudolf Facebook feed. That's too funny. I see people saying stuff all the time on Facebook that makes me wonder why they are posting it for all to see. If you post something in anger, you have to be able to stand up to the consequences when others see it.

  2. You'll get fired just for talking about it on Facebook? What happened to Freedom of Speech?

    My son works at IHOP. He used to work at another IHOP (Sunset Hills, MO, in case anyone is interested!) I blogged about a botched robbery attempt. The assistant manager on duty was an ex-con who shortly thereafter went back to prison. The owner was furious at my blog, even though I mentioned no names or even the location. My son was threatened with dismissal if I didn't remove the post. I told them to sue me. As an author, I already knew they couldn't sue for libel. I didn't name names. Their idiot employees who posted comments did, but that wasn't my fault.

  3. I hear people talk about facebook like it's something to be feared if anyone found out that they wrote something off-hand. Well, just don't write things like that. If you have something to discuss with someone, do it like a grown up. Confront them and get it off your chest and you won't end up looking like a child.

    Honestly, I wouldn't feel the least bit worried if one day the entire facebook site went wide open. LOL

    Lots of people would probably delete their account. :)

  4. I think people should be regulating themselves with facebook; ie "is this going to come back to biting me on the ass?" And confrontation should be done in the open, not using social media as an aide.

    Funny pic, by the way!

  5. @William: thanks!

    @Norma: Actually, Freedom of Speech does not apply in this case. The First Amendment prevents the government (or government employers) from limiting people's speech, but a private employer can fire you because you say stuff he/she/it doesn't like. On the other hand, you are absolutely correct that they couldn't sue you for libel. I wonder if they could have done so if you chose to name names -- my understanding is that it is not slander if it is true. I need to research that one some more. (Did your son get fired? just curious.)

    The whole blogging thing comes into it, as well. I may save all that for a post in which I discuss my stalkers, lol.


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