UnderCover Waitress: Government Spending

Monday, December 5, 2011

Government Spending

Interesting leaked video shows the spin Republicans are putting on their desire to not tax the rich. They have a series of of Talking Points, and they must be discussed.  Following are two: 

The three most important words you can say to an Occupier: "I get it." 

My parents taught me not to lie. My religious leaders and educators taught me not to lie. I went to college, and they told me not to lie (cheating and plagiarism = lying) or I would be expelled. 

The Republicans, however, are teaching each other to tell a massive fib to 99% of the nation.

Don't say "government spending." Call it "waste."

Okay. Anything that the government spends money on is equivalent to the very waste product we flush every day. Which only begs the question, "What sh*t does the government spend money on, anyway?"


Public libraries are sh*t and not worthy of government funds. We should all be like rich people, and lock ourselves into our gated mansions and puchase books online. Kindle or Nook, defintely, because then you don't have to let the greasy UPS driver near the estate.

Nobody wants to go share a library computer with a poor person; the rich have their own computers. And the rich can afford their own subscriptions to print newspapers and magazines, so they don't have to go read a paper after some poor person separated the sections.

Children's story hour and other community events at the library are sh*t and should not be funded by the government. Why are all those young children at home and not at daycare? Because their lazy mothers would rather go to the library than get a job!

Public Transportation and Roads

Who needs buses? Rich people drive themselves everywhere. Go buy a car, poor person.

I honestly don't know how somebody who drives everywhere could justify calling government spending on roads "waste." Potholes and other problems on the roads would cause damage to their tricked-out vehicles. And driving through a pothole might cause the alarm system to go off. And nobody knows how to turn those darn things off.

Environmental Protection

I completely understand why this one is "waste." Those pesky environmentalists are always telling us we shouldn't be driving our massive, gas-guzzling SUVs and other cars.


Do the rich really, I mean really, want to let all those angry inmates out?

Police and the Courts

Police protect and serve! And as long as the police are protecting and serving the interests of the very rich... nah, it's still waste. It's easier to buy a gun, shoot people who "trespass" (the girl scout with the cookies wasn't wearing her uniform; that wasn't my fault) and not have to deal with pesky cops and courts.

Public Education

Yeah, I saved this one for the end for a reason. It is an afterthought for the rich, too. Your children's education and futures are sh*t. Rich kids go to private school, and for good reason. Have you checked out the quality of a public education, lately?

Funding teachers, updated curricula, field trips and valuable experiences for public school students is extremely wasteful. If we educate more people well, there will be less people available to hire for "unskilled" labor serving the rich. When seen from this perspective, public education is counter-productive. 


I get it.

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