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Monday, December 12, 2011

Gifts for Waitresses

Note: This question and answer gave me the idea to open the Under Cover Waitress Shop. Online shopping gift store with apparel and other gift items; some with waitress themes and some without. 

Ask the Waitress!

What would be a neat gift for a new waitress? What would make a great gift for somebody who just recently began her very first waitressing job?

Great question! Of course, I want to answer, "Dansko clogs!" but I recognize that people usually buy their own shoes. So, instead let's look at appropriate gifts for new waitresses.


Many waitresses, including myself, stay organized by keeping what looks like a billfold or check presenter in our apron pocket. This necessary piece of equipment holds our tables' orders, pens, checks, tips, and anything else we want to put in it. Most of us keep pictures of our family inside the organizer. I have always preferred having my own because I can personalize it and keep it just the way I want it.  I highly recommend owning one to all new waitresses, and this would make a thoughtful and useful gift.
  In all seriousness, consider including a couple of packages of Bic pens and extra notepaper with this present. Waitresses are always looking for pens!


If she likes to read, she may find herself addicted to waitress books, at least for awhile. One of the best is Phoebe Damrosch's Service Included. It is full of industry insider information as well as humor and honesty. It is a great read and would make a lovely gift.

Hope these suggestions were helpful, and happy holidays to all!

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