UnderCover Waitress: Another Gift Idea: Waitress Wine Key

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Gift Idea: Waitress Wine Key

Silly of me not to think of this before. Every waitress needs a good quality wine key.

Wine keys must have a sharp knife for removing paper and foil from around the top, a strong screw with a sharp tip, and double hinges for the easiest and quickest bottle openings table side. The worst thing on a busy night is to struggle with a wine bottle while customers watch... and judge. We can literally hear our tips getting flushed as we fumble around with glass bottle and an old wine key.

Opening a bottle seemingly effortlessly table side is an art. One must hold the bottle by the neck with one hand and maneuver with the wine key in the other hand. No putting the bottle on the table. No jamming it under your armpit. And absolutely no holding it between your legs. I did that once; fortunately, I made light of it and the guy laughed. I got a good tip on that table.

While slicing the foil around the top of a wine bottle with the dulled knife in an old wine key, I noticed the lady at the table shift away from me. She was afraid I was going to slip and slice her. Oops. (I didn't.) Sharp knives in the wine key are important.

I've worked with people who didn't bother to bring their own wine keys. And the restaurant's wine keys are forever getting misplaced. So, what does the wine keyless waitress do? Ask to borrow mine. Again and again and again. Until I have to ask her to borrow it back because I needed it and she stopped bothering returning it to me. I was nice about it on the shift that this happened.

However, the next day she pulled the same stunt. I couldn't believe it; after all we went through the day before, she still didn't bother to remember to bring or to purchase a wine key. I told her I wouldn't share mine with her today; she needed to be responsible and bring her own. She didn't seem to care, guess that's professionalism for ya'.

If you love the waitress in your life, get her a new, great-quality wine key for Christmas.



  1. Ugh. If the person that loved me in my life got me a stinkin' wine key for a Christmas, I'd stab them in the eye with it. That's right up there with getting your wife a vacuum cleaner. No thanks :/

  2. Agreed, Anon. I want a REAL gift for Christmas. My job provides me a wine key and even if it didn't, I'd buy one if I needed it.

  3. Lol, okay, I stand corrected on this one. So, while not for Christmas, a good wine key is still a good thing for a waitress to have... but maybe not for Christmas.

  4. Even better to surprise your loved one with a thoughtful gift for no other reason than "Hey I thought this might help you out." Just a thinking of you gift sounds like a good idea!


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