UnderCover Waitress: Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Applebees

Friday, November 11, 2011

Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Applebees

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Ouch. Last time I blogged about Applebees, I think a waitress almost killed a toddler by serving him or her an alcoholic beverage in place of apple juice.

This just hit the news. An African-American is suing her former employer, Applebees, for requiring that she only serve black patrons. This is happening in Towson, Maryland.

Much more detailed description of the circumstances here below. Will write more Monday, have a great weekend, everyone!
Black Waitress v. Applebees


  1. if the manager was truly that blatant about it s/he deserves to have some sort of consequence. and servers shouldn't ever be allowed dictate who they get sat with--yes i know it happens and after a particularly bad round of tables i have been known to ask--but over all you are here to serve whatever guest walks through the door

    but i have an issue with the server saying that she wouldn't lie to her guest (if they ask why she's upset) sorry, but as a server there are boundaries between your guest and yourself--they aren't your friends but your clients--and telling them whatever "truth" it happens to be is unprofessional.

  2. As much as I hope she wins I do see your point. I think the atmosphere of "fun" that so many casual restaurants want to create has caused a blurring of the lines or confusion for servers. As a customer, I have been waited on by well-meaning people who didn't get it; I wasn't there to have lingering conversations with them. This waitress may have better empathy for her tables than the article demonstrates.

  3. It needs to be pushed through as the incident is a health risk. People have to be careful with their actions.

    1. WTF? What needs to be pushed through as a health risk? Not having black people wait on white people? I know that you only commented to get your backlink in, but I am going to leave your spammy comment because any lawyer who doesn't read carefully before commenting deserves to be called out. Are you responding only to the first paragraph in my post? Did you bother to read the rest of the post, the links, and the comments?


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