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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meanwhile, In The Airline Industry

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On The Rocks' poll is now closed with 37 votes; see for yourself. The majority of people did not feel that restaurants should ban children, but rather, that the restaurant managers should reserve the right to warn patrons who were not paying attention to their unruly children, and then ask them to leave.

I am relieved that the majority of the small population sample did not indicate that an outright ban of children in restaurants is a good idea. I have certainly made my opinions on this issue known.

In the fifty states, domestic air travel is no better, and perhaps worse. In the Travel section of a recent New York Times article, a mother of 18 month old twins reported that Continental Airlines stewardesses refused their children a small cup of milk. The family had brought milk for the children but unexpectedly ran out. They were told, "Milk is for coffee, not children."

I recommend a thorough read of the above-referenced article for anyone who flies with children. It turns out that Americans are almost alone in their nasty disregard for travelling minors. Fly a foreign airline and you can expect kid's meals, parental controls on in-seat entertainment and -- this is good -- backpacks with crayons and other surprises and goodies! I want one!

If flying domestic, try to book with Virgin America. You will receive the opportunity to pre-board and kid's meals. You may check a stroller on the flight and there are age-appropriate entertainment options.

I'm guessing that Americans are pretty much alone in their hatred of children in restaurants, too.

Addendum: A Child Responds


  1. I'm not anti-kid as much as I am anti-bad parent and anti-brat. I think alot of people (myself included) are fed up with spoiled entitled brats who are being raised by spoiled entitled adults who refuse to adhere at basic standards of courtesy.
    Last weekend, I went to lunch at a restaurant where a child was literally using a slinky as a bolo and swinging it around continuously. Instead of correcting this child, the parents proceeded to drown themselves in about 3 martinis each as their children proceeded to act up in really unacceptable ways.
    Do I blame the kids? Well, I did give a really scary nasty look to the one who hung off my chair like a monkey trying to tip me over, but at the end of the day, I'm more fed up with parents who don't parent.

  2. I think the results of the poll on my fellow blogger's site reflect exactly what you just said. Don't ban kids outright, but reserve the right to say something to parents who don't parent.

  3. Most of American culture is intolerant of children and old people. They are seen as bothers and irritants. Europeans have an more pragmatic point of view. Children and old people are just different phases of a life, which we all share (or have or will)

    Americans are all about what we can get from other people. Europeans approach life as what affects you, affects me. When you switch to a point of view that we all share the planet together, your views on a lot of things change.

  4. One of the nice things in many Asiatic cultures is the respect given to elders. It makes growing older something to look forward to, instead of the something to stress out about.

  5. Wow! I think the problem is we are not a family-oriented culture like most of the rest of the world. And bad parents only make it harder on the parents who teac their kids to behave in public. But at the end of the day, no matter how well-behaved, kids are kids. It's a shame that there is such a divide btwn families and single career-driven patrons. Well, thanks for the tip about which airline is more family-friendly.

  6. Absolutely. I was shocked the first time I flew with a baby and was not allowed to pre-board. Actually, I made a scene and they decided to let me pre-board. So, these days it is good to check out the airlines policies ahead of time.

  7. It all depends on which airline you choose, that's why you should choose wisely. Thanks.


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