UnderCover Waitress: Hooters Waitress is Guest Speaker at School

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hooters Waitress is Guest Speaker at School

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Not sure which is worse. A Hooters waitress being a guest speaker for the Great American Teach-In at an elementary school for kids with behavioral problems and emotional disabilities, or the fact that the big, purple elephant in the middle of the room is being ignored.

One mother, Ashley Dominicci, was furious about the choice of speaker and has been vocal about it. She is quoted as saying,

I feel like we're telling them (the students) that you're the bad kids and this is all you'll be in life.

Truly, I understand her outrage. When we inspire children to follow their dreams, we seldom point them in the direction of service positions.

Service positions represent honest employment that responsible adults perform every day. Some people use service positions to support themselves and their families. Others work their way through school in service positions. Doesn't matter either way; as long as workers do their best while working, they deserve respect and to be treated with dignity.

Numerous papers have covered the story. The debate focuses on whether or not a waitress job is a worthy career to aspire to. Nobody mentions the fact that the waitress chosen to come speak to the school is required to wait tables nearly naked.

Maybe the message we are sending "the bad kids" is not that they must work in service positions, but that since nobody likes them, they must remove their clothes to make a living. Hey, if you are too stupid to go to law school, but you have big boobs, just take your shirt off. You'll be fine.

Some who report on the incident like to include an news of elementary school in California getting flak for letting a former porn star read to students as part of Read Across America. Nobody mentions why this is relevant. It seems the only people who recognize that Hooters waitresses are paid for their eroticism, not their ability to suggest wine pairings, are their customers.

Working as a waitress is a perfectly honorable profession, but only when the waitress is fully clothed. Shame on the Calvin A. Hunsinger School. 


  1. I get that this is your opinion space but http://www.accordingtosauce.com

    Know who you are talking about before being judgmental.

  2. I am familiar with Sauce's blog. I maintain my opinion. Will send unicorn, thanks for commenting!

  3. "**********" left a comment, then seems to have deleted it. If you wish to post what you wrote, then I will post my response.

  4. I definitely agree with your article, being a waitress is a decent job. I'm sure that she gave a very motivational speech. Thanks.

    1. Motivational Speaker: I don't think you read my article carefully. I made it quite clear that asking a Hooters waitress to give a speech at an elementary school was a disgusting travesty. Stripping is legal, too, maybe we should recruit strippers to speak at elementary schools for at-risk kids. Read my article again.


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