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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Got Wine?

Great little article on Huffington Post about practical uses for bad wine. Of course, old wine turns into vinegar and I guess can be used as such. I think many people have heard that white wine takes red wine stains out of the white tablecloth that your drunk guest spilled it on. But there were some other uses that were more, say, "outside of the box." 

I have never thought to use wine on my skin, but I guess the high acidity makes it a good facial toner. The article claims old wine may be used as a skin softener. While the practice of dabbing a cloth soaked with red wine onto bruises was mentioned, no one at the Post went so far as to recommend it or even to make the claim that rubbing wine on bruises does any good whatsoever. (Thankfully, nobody claimed bathing in wine cures cancer.) 

You can also use wine, or so I have learned, to disinfect your kitchen counter tops and wash your windows. If you want to. 

Seriously, it is an entertaining read and a good reminder that there are uses for things that we often throw away. Waste not, want not, right? 

Some of us may prefer to try to keep our wine at a temperature designed to prevent spoilage. If that is the case, consider the following: 

Thermoelectric cooling system
in a compact storage
design maintains the ideal temperature
to retain signature bouquet, flavor and body of
wine and champagne. 

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  1. Since we clean everything with vinegar anyway, this is a great idea. Vinegar is cheap, effective, and safe for you and for the environment.


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