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Monday, November 14, 2011

Christian Question Tilted Kilt

FB Fan Page:

Interesting question came my way. "Can a Christian man go into the Tilted Kilt?"

As much as I would encourage any person with this concern to speak to his religious leader, pastor, minister, or priest, I may add some answers to the mix.

The Chicago Tribune reported in May, 2011 that "Evanston's rejection of sexy sports bar reveals divide in local values." Mayor Tisdahl is quoted in the article as saying,

"The final straw was at the end of the liquor commission hearing," she said. "I was given a business card from the owner that shows a picture of one of the entertainers — that is what the waitresses are called. She had no head — it was just breasts, a shrug shirt, a bare midriff and the kilt, that little skirt." [emphasis added.]

Among other things, the quote brings up the issue of modesty.

Christian Modesty in Dress - What Does the Bible Teach?  is an address given at a fellowship meeting at Loughbrickland Reformed Presbyterian Church on 22nd February 2009. In this address, responsibilities of both men and women are discussed.

Both men and women are required by Christianity to dress modestly. While it is not the a woman's entire responsibility to control the lust of men, she may dress in ways that do not blatantly encourage lustful feelings and thoughts. The Tilted Kilt waitress uniform is designed to enhance and titillate men's lustfulness.

This address makes clear that men are responsible. Men are required to dress modestly. Wearing extremely tight jeans or appearing in public with no shirt (perhaps swimming is an exception) are discouraged.

As Christian women will cover their midriffs and wear longer skirts, a man who seeks out entertainment and company of sexy girls wearing immodest clothing is doing something decidedly not Christian.

So, my answer to the question is, "No." A Christian man should not patronize the Tilted Kilt. 

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