UnderCover Waitress: A Child Responds

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Child Responds

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After writing about American attitudes towards children on airplanes and in restaurants, I came across this gem posted on Letters of Note.

An article appeared in the Economist back in 1998 in which it was suggested that public places enforce "child-free zones." Similar to sitting in a smoke-free section, restaurant patrons, airline travelers and movie goers would be able to free themselves from the annoying bother of youngsters.

Letters of Note reprints (with permission) the best response of the plethora of responses received by the Economist. It was written by a member of the discriminated against group: an actual child.

Everyone Has To Be A Child

Enjoy the read.  

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  1. It sounds like her parents made her write some of it (I don't see how a girl her age would know that miserable old men need children to pay for their pensions), but she makes a valid point.

    My only issue with children in restaurants is with parents who simply don't care that their kid is tearing the place apart. The ones who don't notice that their child is not sitting beside them, or tearing up all the Splenda packets, exc.


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