UnderCover Waitress: Black Tooled Dansko Professional Clogs

Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Tooled Dansko Professional Clogs

I am certain I have embarrassed myself plenty of times while looking at Dansko clogs in the stores. My drool doesn't wipe off of some surfaces as well as others. I love Dansko clogs. 

The makers of Dansko and Sanita have come up with so many designs, patterns and colors for the tops that I am often tempted to rival Imelda herself. And as different as they all are, they all have same comfortable, rocker-bottom soles and anti-yucky-microbial inner linings. I love Dansko clogs. 

Some of us, however, are required to wear black shoes or black Dansko clogs when waiting tables. Talk about boring! If I need -- I mean really need -- a new pair, I drool all over the cute plaids and florals, then shell out the money for the same ole' black... oiled... leather... plain... boring... pair of shoes that I wouldn't dream of walking the floor without.

Until I found these! Black leather Dansko professional clogs that totally meet my "uniform" requirements, but check it out! Tooled leather!!! 

Am I really this excited about a pair of shoes? Yes. Do I have a fetish? No. No, really I don't. Stop it. 

I love the intricate design tooled into the leather. And I especially love the fact that while they are cute and fancy, I can wear them while working! Also, stop by undercoverwaitressforums.com and leave a comment in the Dansko Lovers Corner!

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