UnderCover Waitress: Bad Tippers Beware Part Deux

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bad Tippers Beware Part Deux

This is getting ridiculous.

I know, I know, I wrote appreciatively about Megan Humphrey posting receipts with bad tips on Facebook. When I first heard about these shenanigans, I admit I was amused. It must be noted that Humphrey, at least back then, did not post her stingier customers' names, credit card numbers, or other identifying information.

Others, however, are more bold. Or stupid, take your pick. You may have heard about Seattle waitress Victoria Liss who who was stiffed and insulted by a rude customer back in October. She posted the receipt, along with his name, on her Facebook page. Shortly afterward, some innocent guy with the same name living all the way in Texas started receiving hate mail.

It seems rather poetic that Liss works at a joint called "Bimbo's." Wonder if you have to flunk an IQ test to get hired there.

It gets even better. Texas resident Andrew Meyer is a long-time restaurant industry professional. Of all of the crazy things he could have been accused of, this is one he never expected. And as he lived and worked in Seattle over three years ago, he received hate mail from people he used to manage. People who knew him.

Litigation much? Actually, while Meyer has considered a defamation suit, I have not yet found any news that he has filed. Maybe Liss got lucky. This time.

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