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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We Are The 99 Percent

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We Are The 99 Percent is a movement on Tumblr in which people post their stories. It is heart-wrenching in many cases.

The link above takes you to the page in which a woman writes that she is:

One of the five waitresses with degrees where I work. Lucky to be employed and PROUD to be part of the 99% who are made as hell that this is what it takes to feed our kids. occupywallstreet.org. 

This could be me (it's not, but it could be.)

This could be my colleague, a single mother who studied education. She makes more waiting on and cleaning up after rich pigs gorging themselves than she could ever make teaching children today.

I know a restaurant manager with degrees in business who works for near-slave wages because her job exists, and other jobs don't.

None of this is to disparage those who do not go on to earn higher education degrees. It is sad, however, that people study and develop skills in school, only to find that the only jobs available do not require their education. Those jobs no longer exist. So, they wait tables to pay off student loans and feed their children. I firmly believe that education is valuable for its own sake, but have almost given up trying to make that argument to working class parents.

Whenever I hear the term "trickle down," I get an image of a business man peeing on a crowd of people.

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