UnderCover Waitress: Tip Sharing and Kitchens

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tip Sharing and Kitchens

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Somebody found my blog with the keywords: "Do waitresses have to share tips with the kitchen?" In short, no. As a matter of fact, depending upon where you live requiring this is against the law.

Working in an unregulated state, I only had one restaurant require me to slip some money to the dish washer at the end of each shift. One of the dish washers told me had never, never had a job in which the wait staff tipped him out until this one. I am not entirely certain if this was legal or not. Many things happen here that do not happen in states with more rules and regulations protecting restaurant workers.

In general, tip sharing happens among those who work in the front of the house and work directly with customers. If you are told to share with the kitchen, check out your state laws.

The Nolo Press on Tip Pooling:

Only employees who regularly receive tips can be part of the pool. Employees can't be required to share their tips with employees who don't usually receive their own tips, like dishwashers or cooks. And no employers are allowed in the pool: Tips from a tip pool can't go to employers or, in some states, managers or supervisors.

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