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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

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I like it when I get the Halloween dinner shift.

We don't go all out. We have a basket of candy for anybody who comes in to "trick-or-treat." This being a small town, most of the candy gets scarfed by wait staff in the nights following Halloween. I am glad I work in a restaurant that is happy to have little ones come in for trick-or-treating.

Our boss is rather conservative and would not tolerate waitresses wearing costumes or flashy make-up. This suits me just fine; I prefer subtlety.

I have a set of clay horns that blend in with my hair. They are strung on a thin piece of elastic which I am able to hide under my hair. They are not big and flashy so it takes people a few moments to notice.

Have a friend who has two little, skin-colored furry horns. He attaches them at his hairline with theatrical glue. Again, they are small and subtle.

Other ideas for subtle Halloween on the floor costumes include fang caps. This might be expensive, but they fit over a person's canine teeth. Or a small tail that matches the waitress uniform. Nothing obvious from the front.

The best is watching people's facial expressions change when the realize, in our dimly lit "ambience," what they are seeing.

Happy Halloween. 

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