UnderCover Waitress: Five Hot Jobs for Retirees

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Five Hot Jobs for Retirees

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Made me look!

Saw Five Hot Jobs for Retirees and couldn't resist looking to see if waitressing was among the recommendations. But first, I think we need to ask ourselves why retirees need to be employed in the first place. If you are going to retire, that means you are leaving your profession and ceasing to work. The reason so many elderly people wish to remain in the workforce is that they can no longer afford to retire. Anybody healthy enough to work wants to because it beats the abject poverty they will be forced into if all they have is Social Security.

So, the five hot jobs for grandma and grandpa are:

Health Care

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the elderly would be more likely to receive health care, not give it.

Computer Work

Because sitting in front of a computer is a job description. Actually, people use computers to help them do other things. For example, you may input data into a spreadsheet and run calculations. But if you don't have any training in the field or know what you are doing, you will probably screw things up.

Government Work

Because this is yet another area that requires no prior experience, knowledge or training. Enough said.

Temporary Work

Right. I suggest we all chip in and get our geriatric family members those little scooters so they can get around town and work a different job every week.

And finally... (drum roll, please): 

Okay, so they didn't mention waitressing but retail is probably the closest with temporary work a close second. Retail work requires being on your feet and interacting with various and sundry customers. It requires energy and much social interaction. I thought retirees were supposed to relax and enjoy life, not fetch different sizes for thirty-somethings to try on.

If an older person truly wishes to work, then this is not directed at him or her. My sarcasm is not to offend nor discriminate on the basis of age. My point is that working should not be a necessity for those who have retired. Instead of suggesting ways grandpa and grandma can make up for their lost pensions, perhaps we need to rethink how we distribute (or don't distribute) wealth in this country.

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