UnderCover Waitress: Beef Stew: Food v. Sex

Monday, October 24, 2011

Beef Stew: Food v. Sex

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Many argue that breastaurants may succeed even when they offer bad food. Obviously, this is because patrons come in to gawk at the scantily-clad 20-somethings working as "waitresses."

Beef Stew Review: Tilted Kilt v. Seamus McCaffrey's put this theory to the test. The author visited both establishments and ordered the traditional Irish Beef Stew on the menus. She noted the pros and cons of both preparations and both establishments.

She visited Tilted Kilt first for lunch. She noted that every businessman in the neighborhood also patronized the restaurant that shift. So, Tilted Kilt is bringing people in.

However, her description of the beef stew is anything less than complimentary:

Everything was going well until we stumbled up a hunk of beef pot roast. In one terrible, meal-ruining moment our dreams of tender beef were destroyed when the meat turned into a powdery mouthful of sawdust upon intake. Enough said.

Her descriptions of the "cast members" at Tilted Kilt included "perky" and not exactly going for the authentic Irish "feel."

Lunch at Seamus McCaffrey's was not crowded, but based upon the food description it should have been:

This stew featured hearty chunks of carrots and potatoes as well as smaller and much more manageable pieces of beef. The meat was appropriately cooked and the accompaniment of soda bread would have made any Irishman (woman) proud.

The waitresses at Seamus McCaffrey's, it was worth noting, were fully clothed. 

So, as far as a restaurant reviewer is concerned, the hometown favorite Irish pub won the contest hands down. However, men seem to be flocking to new kid on the block, and it has nothing to do with the food. 

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