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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sometimes It Is Restaurants

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Last Friday, I posted about a local library's lack of concern over stocking soap in the public restroom. Check out the helpful advice a reader left me. This person is so willing to stand by what s/he says that the post is "Anonymous."

If you have ever read the studies on hand washing - it has been proven that if you are without soap, hot water can kill the same amount of bacteria as soap and tepid water.

So, if you find it necessary to use public restrooms try plain hot water or carry your own sanitizer. You can also fill up a small, empty santizer bottle with hand soap if you prefer.

Sorry she didn't jump once, twice, three times - but there are other options.

Our bathroom soap dispensers are hard-pressed to become empty because it is our job to refill them, not once but twice per day. (They get refilled at the end of each shift.) However, if I ever do have the experience of a customer alerting me to a lack of soap, I will take apply Anonymous' wise, helpful advice and:

1 -- Tell the customer to run her hands under extremely hot water. I will add the disclaimer that the restaurant will not be held responsible for any burns incurred.

2 -- Insinuate that she can choose to hold it until she gets home. (if you find it necessary to use public restrooms.) 

3. -- Suggest that she bring her own soap or hand sanitizer next time.

4. -- Give the customer my biggest, most sugary smile. Tell her that I am so sorry I can't jump once, twice, three times to provide basic, everyday hygienic supplies in a public bathroom. Remind her that she has other options.

I invite you all to take bets on how long I will remain employed after.


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