UnderCover Waitress: Sales Calls And Waiting Tables

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sales Calls And Waiting Tables

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20 Things NOT To Do On A Sales Call by Geoffrey James on BNet has definite correlations with things not to do while selling food and taking orders in a restaurant. I thought I 'd have some fun with 10 of them.

#1 Flirt With The Admin.
This can backfire in restaurants, as well. While the job of the Hooters or Tilted Kilt waitress is to titillate, most restaurants hire wait staff to serve tables in a professional fashion. Managers in upscale restaurants will sanction or even fire waitresses and waiters who act cute and friendly or flirt with tables.

#2 Talk More Than You Listen.
This one is a no-brainer. If you don't know how to shut up and listen to the customer, then you don't know how to sell. Have often been on the receiving end of a talkative, "This is me being upbeat" server and it brings out my more murderous tendencies.

#3 Overstay Your Welcome.
Contrary to some wait staff's belief, diners come to visit with each other, not with the wait staff.

#4 Answer Your Cell Phone.
I'm only including this one because of the number of restaurant patrons who talk on their phones at the table or, best, while I'm telling them the specials. Guys, it goes both ways. I'd love to watch a customer's response if the waitress answered her cell phone while taking an order.

#5 Argue With The Customer.
You want ketchup with the delicately seasoned Eggs Provencal? And a side of horseradish? I'll bring those right away.

#6 Discuss Politics Or Religion.
Some of you may think this is a no-brainer. And those with no brains continue to jump in to customer conversations.

#7 Dive Into Your Product Pitch.
Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey... Never be eager. Always pretend to think about "what would go best with this meal?" before recommending the finest, most expensive wine.

#8 Lack Requisite Product Knowledge.
If the waitress doesn't know the menu, I always wonder what else she doesn't know. And then I get nervous. Not to mention what must be wrong with management to let a waitress who doesn't know the menu on the floor in the first place.

#9 Fail To Check Your Appearance.
Many a night, we check each other's teeth for salad greens or lipstick after grabbing a bite in the dish room.

#10 Ask Personal Questions.
This seems unfair, but we wait staff have no business asking customers personal questions. The only time I want to is when they start asking me a bunch of personal questions. I resent the one-way flow of information and the fact that I can't say, "None of your business" without getting in trouble.

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